Nepathya releases 'Chhoto Geet' on YouTube

KATHMANDU: Nepathya today released the song titled--'Chhoto Geet' on it's official YouTube channel.

Nepathya, in a statement, said that their YouTube channel would now release new singles as well as re-launch previously released songs in the form of new videos, lyrical videos, and post live videos.

“We now aim to re-launch songs from the previous albums. With YouTube, we feel we have a medium to connect directly to our audience. We will upload all our songs on our official YouTube channel,” said Nepa-laya's Kiran Krishna Shrestha -- producer of the song and manager of Nepathalya.

Talking about the choice of this song at this point of time, Nepathya frontman Amrit Gurung said, “This is a simple song about the uncertainty that comes after night and the wish to overcome the darkness that comes with it. In these uncertain times of Coronavirus-lockdown, I have been thinking about this song and would like to use this to thank all those who have been a blessing to us in the past years.”

“I would also like to dedicate this song to all those 21 musicians along with Danu dai (Daniel Don Karthak), the composer of this song, for their contribution,” Gurung added.