Nepathya rocks Sikkim festival in style

KATHMANDU: Nepal's premier folk-rock band, Nepathya, enthralled audience with its trademark folk-rock music at the Rabongla Cho Dzo festival, in Sikkim state of India, on Wednesday.

On an invitation, Nepathya had travelled to Rabongla, situated 2,100 metres above sea level at the northern hilly state before wrapping up the three-day festival with its mesmerising show.

Nepathya started the concert with 'Kuroop Anuhar' and proceeded with their classic hits like Bhedako Oon, Chakeyo Chekyo, Lampate Surati and new release Sirfula.

Audience from all walks of life went frenzy as the band performed their fast numbers like Resham and Taal ko Paani.

One of the locals Pema Bhutia said, "Though this is the first time I am listening to the band, I am starting to like their music." He added, the show has generated more interest for him to travel to Nepal.

As Nepathya lead singer Amrit Gurung sang their all-time hit Jomsome Bazaarma, he shared, "Yesterday I met a person, who expressed his interest to visit Mustang. Let me invite you all to visit Nepal, and if you happen to visit Mustang, you will be travelling via my hometown Pokhara."

"When we perform in places like Sikkim, we try and emphasise on the brotherhood and connectivity through the Nepali language," legendary singer and social activist Amrit Gurung added.

Earlier, Sikkim's Chief Minister Pawan Chamling had inaugurated the three-day Rabongla festival.

As usual, Amrit Gurung was accompanied on stage by Dhruba Lama on drums, Suraj Thapa on keyboards, Subin Shakya on bass, Niraj Gurung on guitars and Shanti Rayamajhi on madal.


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Pic courtesy - Robin Gurung / Sikkim Express

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