Not as charming

Tum Bin 2

Genre: Romance

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Cast: Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal, Aashim Gulati and Kanwaljit Singh

Being screened at QFX Cinemas


Tum Bin 2 is a sequel to 2001’s Tum Bin, with a similar storyline. With a wishy-washy screenplay, the execution of sequel has lost the previous charm. The story unfolds with foreign locations, hot and happening people, accidents, a guilt-bearing protagonist, and twists and turns.

Amar (Aashim Gulati) and Taran (Neha Sharma) are deeply in love. Amar gets into an accident and he is assumed dead when his body is not found. While all are dealing with Amar’s accident, Papaji (Kanwaljit Singh), Amar’s father, introduces Shekhar (Aditya Seal) to Taran and her sisters. Then things start to change. When Taran and Shekhar start developing feelings for each other, Amar returns. Like saying in the trailer, Taran gets confused about picking the ‘right’ person as both men look ‘right’ to her.

The first half of the film revolves around the melodrama and a few gags. When Gurpreet (Sonia Balani), Taran’s sister, wants to marry a Pakistani boy, the conversation between Shekhar, Manpreet (Taran’s elder sister) and aPapaji is funny. The audience will laugh out loud then. The scene is very well executed. The second half revolves around tears and sadness. The film also lacks romance and romantic moments.

Anubhav Sinha’s direction is not spectacular. However, he has put some suspense in the film. But audience will feel bored towards the middle of the second-half. The execution is dull.

Sinha has also penned the story of the film, which is neither new or fresh. It is the same old triangle love story.

Sharma in Taran’s character has failed to justify it. She looks good in the film, but she does not emote Taran’s feelings properly. Taran’s character revolves around the melodrama and emotions, where Sharma falls flat.

Gulati’s performance as Amar is average. He looks handsome but not charming.  The scene stealer is Seal. He looks charming and desirable in the romantic moments, while making the audience emotional in the sad scenes.

The one thing that is good about this film is its cinematography. Cinematographer Ewan Mulligan’s has done good job. Snow covered mountains, roads and blue ocean will steal your heart.

Tum Bin 2’s music is also not that good, if we compare it with the previous one. The only song that will soothe your ears is Teri Fariyad. Composer Ankit Tiwari’s compositions are below average.