Nude Trina photos leak online

LOS ANGELES: Rapper Trina has been left devastated after nude photos of the star leaked online over the weekend (27-28Feb10).

The explicit images, which appear to feature Trina exposing her breasts in one shot and her genitals in another, are believed to have been taken from a cell phone she lost last month (Feb10).

Some of the more innocent photos show the fully-clothed rapper with her basketball star beau Kenyon Martin.

Just days before the pictures surfaced on the internet, the hip-hop star admitted she had been frantically searching for the missing phone, because she would be heartbroken if photos from the device ever made it into the public domain.

She told, "I personally would not want a picture of me exposed leaked. I lost my phone, and I had some pictures of me that I don't want the world to see. I'm thinking that if it ever came out, I'm (sic) devastated. It's not sex tape pictures, but it's still... I don't want you to see it. Losing a phone, it happens.

"I was so devastated about this phone. I was calling up my mum crying like, 'Mum...' I just feel like what's personal is personal."