Obsessed Saif

MUMBAI: Saif Ali Khan seems to be too much in love with his maiden production, Love Aaj Kal. Saif is understandably taking extra interest in not only the making but the promotion of the film as well, but what amuses one is the way he is going nuts over it by watching it again and again. According to sources, “Saif is so passionate about his Love Aaj Kal that he has transferred the film from the edit room to a compact DVD. He carries this DVD everywhere he goes. That is not all, he starts to watch it as and when he feels; like during a break from a shot to even while he is hitting the gym. Not only that Saif is literally eating, living and sleeping the film 24X7.” That’s not all, the source further adds, “He will be holding many trial shows for his close friends in the industry as the release date approaches.”

However, a close pal of Saif defends him, saying, “As a producer Saif wants to be sure that, he has left no loopholes in the film. And believe me it’s turned out to be a d*** good film.”