Of brunches, jazz music and more


For many weekend doesn’t end on Saturday. And if you are one of the crowd whose Saturday celebrations spill over into Sunday, then perhaps you should make it to the Sunday Jazz Brunch at Hyatt Regency’s Rox Garden.

With their ensemble of five live food counters — salad, barbecue, pasta, Oriental cuisine and dessert — you enjoy the dish of your choice made as per your order.

Their barbecue includes a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items like pork chops, salmon, chicken to paneer, mushroom and potato. You also have a varied choice from seafood to bacon to a wide assortment of vegetables to go with your yummy pasta. And if you can’t do without rice, then head straight for the oriental counter.

The cherry on the top is the range of light desserts, that complements the casual mood of the brunch. The menu includes fresh fruits, ice cream, chocolate mousse and pancakes made right in front of you. The delicious chocolate mousse is sure to make you want more.

There will be more to this brunch to look forward as the menu will be changed regularly.

And while you enjoy your brunch, soothe your frayed nerves listening to the soothing Jazz music being performed live.

Continental flavours

From November 1, Rox Restaurant has been opened for lunch. Well known for its wood-fired cooking, Rox has come up with a large variety of salads, main course, and pizzas and pastas. Salad will be served as buffet with the menu being changed everyday. Soup and the main course can be ordered from the menu.

The antipasti buffet of salads is based on different cheese and meat choices to excite your palate; vegetarians need not fret as they also cater your choice of salads. The flavour is primarily continental.

For the main course, you can either order grilled chicken breast with red wine reduction.

“All exotic herbs used in the marinade are grown in our own farm,” said Prassana Adhikary, Director of Marketing.

If you love fish, order the Pan seared fish with caper beurce blanc. This dish is prepared using Bekti fish imported from India and is served with white sauce. For the Nepali palate, they also offer oriental flavoured chicken skewers with teriyali sauce, which is served with rice and stir fried vegetables.

If you like the flavour Italiano, you can always opt for pastas with seafood, basil and tomato and chicken sauce or bite into margherita or pepperoni pizza. For vegetarians, they also offer Quattro stagioni, pizza with four slices of different vegetable seasoning.

Choose your kind of dessert — ice cream, tiramisu or fresh fruit.

Wine and dine

The ambience of Rox Restaurant and Bar is perfect for a night out. Its traditional and serene surroundings complement the contemporary sitting arrangement. Enjoy a glass of wine or the chilled cocktails at the bar. If you feel hungry, just climb the spiral stairs and voila you are at the restaurant where the aroma of various steaks waft in the air.

Steak has always been the restaurant’s trademark and they have been holding a ‘Steak Fare’ from October 20. It was supposed to be a 10-day affair but has been extended till November 12. The wood fired oven preserves the flavour of the meat and the herbs.

Steaks at Rox are prepared in the home style and served in style. The richness of the meat and freshness of the vegetable is given priority. Steaks are prepared using different meat like beef, lamb, poultry, pork and seafood. All steaks are served with the house salad but you can order your choice of vegetables like sauteed mushrooms, grilled vegetables.

Try the lamb loin, chicken leg, rib eye, pork schnitzel or salmon steak — all are prepared to perfection making the whole experience worth your every penny. Ask for your choice of potatoes — mashed, country-style, parsley potato or rosemary roasted wedges to go

along with you steak. Steak can be ordered rare, medium or well done.

(The lunch and dinner at Rox Restaurant is on throughout the week)