On location: Kusume Rumal 2


First enters Krrish with his trademark movements, then similarly comes Batman, then Spiderman, and last, but not the least, a smart Superman. But they are not there to join hands to fight against evil that is putting the existence of humanity at risk. They are there to whisk away a snoring man from his house.


After rounds of rehearsals, the scene is finally okayed by the director. Then the actors donning the respective roles shoot their entry once again for a close-up shot.

This scene is taken from Kusume Rumal 2, the much awaited sequel to the once immensely popular Kusume Rumal. The shooting is on full-fledged from around 15 days ago.

“I expect the movie to come out in around five months’ time,” shared Nirak Poudel, the director of the sequel, finding some time between the shots.

Kusume Rumal was his father Uddav Poudel’s first production 22 years back, the year when Nirak was also born. It was directed by Tulsi Ghimire. This is Nirak’s first venture too, after completing a diploma in Film Making-Direction from Oxford University.

“The movie is based on simplicity,” he said. “It

is a love story which incorporates youthful comedy. It starts where the prequel ends: it tells the story of

the daughter of Sunidi,”

he added.

The movie will focus on youth. “Today’s youth will be able to relate to the fun on reel. I am sure they will remark ‘Oh! I was also like that’ or ‘This and that also happened to me’ or things like that.”

A full-blown commercial movie, Kusume Rumal 2 has Niraj Baral as Sohan, Ruby Bhattarai as Kusum, and Usha Rajak as Jenni, in the lead roles. “We are a new team, fresh in the mind and energetic at work. The actors had productive workshop with Anup Baral and rehearsals before the shooting started,” said Poudel.

With all the interesting twists and a different way of storytelling, dialogues, presentation, treatment, and characterisation, the movie promises to add a new dimension to Nepali cinema.

“I have tried to ‘show’, rather than ‘tell’. I have tried to focus on visual storytelling aspect and grounded the movie in reality,” Poudel explained, adding, “The story moves forward through reaction of characters to circumstances, like a normal human being.”

Kusume Rumal 2 is being shot in standard 35 mm negative cinemascope, which will give a good “filmy effect”.

“The type of camera is also used by many Bollywood and Hollywood movies, including Spiderman,” Poudel said. The picture quality of the movie will also be good, the sound will also be better with Dolby digital surround sound. Artistes like Aditya Narayan, The Unity, DJ Raju, Nima Rumba have lent their voices for the songs in the movie.

The flick will try to capitalise on the fame of its prequel and its out-of-the-box approach to earn popularity among the audience who want to see quality Nepali movie. And Poudel is also confident that his movie will do its bit to help Nepali movies reach new heights.