On-screen nudity no problem for Craig


James Bond actor Daniel Craig has no problems doing nude scenes in films.

Thesun.co.uk reports that in his new movie Flashbacks of a Fool, he is seen in

bed with two women. And in the upcoming Bond movie Quantum of Solace, he will

be displaying the muscles he has put on for the role.

He said, “Getting naked on screen has never bothered me. I’ve kind of made a career out of it. I work out, because that’s what I do now. It is a part of my job. I’ve always worked out to keep fit, but if I know I’ve got to take my top off, I stop eating cakes. I keep myself as physically fit as possible because of what I’ve got to do in the movies, but I still end up as the walking wounded for the best part of six months when I’m making the Bond movies.” — HNS