on the job : Beating those noon yawns

There is this time in the afternoon when we feels sleepy as our energy gets diminished; we can hardly concentrate on our job at hand. Different people try out various things to get rid of that period when the urge take a nap gets very strong, but they all might not be healthy and effective. Here are some healthier ways to keep you active during that time.

Move around

Getting up and moving around which takes you to another surrounding help one get rid of the lethargy. You can always schedule your active tasks for that time of the day.

Laugh a little

You must have heard ‘laughter is the best medicine’. This is also applicable for this situation as it perks you up. Having a nice laugh with your colleagues is one of the most effective medicines for the drowsiness.


Doing an office yoga will also rejuvenate your mind and body. You can do these while sitting at your desk.

You can try the following —

Raise your arms straight up above your head.

Flap your hands really fast.

Breathe in and out quickly.

Do this for as long as you can manage.

Eat right

Your diet has a major effect on your energy level, so eating right is an effective remedy. For this, eating a wholesome breakfast is a must as it boosts your energy and enhances your concentration. Besides this, having a lunch low in carbohydrates can also be beneficial. You can also have light snacks to re-energise yourself.