Whether it be the playground or any field of life, in all places, coordinated and united work or, in simple words, teamwork is the key to achieve the desired goals. During our working period, help/aid, cooperation and leadership are very essential to us. We cannot even imagine our necessities being fulfilled without teamwork. Actually, the best output can be obtained only with teamwork. Cooperation and help: A team is formed so as to achieve the desired objectives with the help of cooperation. Leadership: A team is not a team at all without an efficient leader. In absence of leadership it is quite impossible to leap forward in the directed path. So there has to be a person in the team who, on the basis of his experiences and potentials, can guide. Duties of a leader: As a leader you got to know essential information about your team members. Duties of team members: All the members have to keep some things into considerations to fully carry out their duties. It is very mandatory for every member to exactly know their capacities. Duties of an organisation as a whole: It’s a very important subject to know that any team can win only and only when it is well equipped with all the mandatory resources like human resources, time, physical and financial necessities.