One film man, Imran

MUMBAI: Actor Imran Khan says that he is against getting bracketed in a screen image and likes to challenge himself to do what

he has never done


“Leave alone getting bracketed in a screen image, I don’t like to watch myself on screen. If I get bored doing the same sort of things, it will reflect on my work,” Imran said in an interview.

The actor who debuted last year as a calm, light hearted ‘Rats’ in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and switched to a negative character Kabir in Kidnap said he couldn’t do more than one film at a time.

“I need time to get into the skin of the character I am playing, understand it and work with the director. Once the film is complete, I take time to release the character from within me,” he said. Imran has not been shooting since February after compl-eting Delhi Belly an English language comedy. — Agencies