Opening up new horizons


Crafted in Kathmandu and Power communication have come together to create a common brand for all handicraft works of Nepal. A special exhibition titled ‘Out of Nepal’ of exclusive handicraft products made by the artisan families of Kathmandu was held at the Siddhartha Art Gallery on September 9. A catalogue featuring all the products was also launched at the event. The catalogue, also titled ‘Out of Nepal’ features a wide range of products, from silver jewellery to sculptures and terracotta products to blankets made of Dhaka.

The handicrafts were presented in a more handy way, which could be used both as a decorating piece and for practical use. The way two masks were kept in a frame to make is a beautiful wall decorating item or the way stone-carved sculptures were kept as bookends showed a different approach to the handicraft products. Chief guest of the event

Susan Goldmark, Resident Representative of the World Bank, appreciated the

support being given to the ‘effort of excellence’ of the artisans. She said, “Artists are good at art and it is great to know that a linkage is being created between art and business which will further enhance art.”

Heritage expert Anil Chitrakar talked about the other aspect of the venture, “With this we are not only helping these self supporting artisans who are almost invisible but the money generated is going to help preserve the old and historical corridors of the city.” He talked about the different levels of market for these products, “ from the Nepali household to a restaurant in New York the products will be accessible to all.’ Crafted in Kathmandu also has an online market through which people from all over the world can buy these products.