Writing an essay may not be as easy as it may seem. It takes a lot of effort to put words together and make them make sense. Words have to be very well organised — this is very important.

I had a lot of difficulty while writing an essay for college because I was allowed to write on anything. For days, I felt like “Well I can write on anything. So, it is no a big deal!” As I could write on anything, I had so many ideas that I was overwhelmed and could not decide on anything. The first thing I learnt was I had to organise my thoughts first and foremost.

If you can add a story about yourself in your essay, all the better as this grabs your reader’s attention. But remember not to bore your readers.

Do a thorough research beforehand so that you have ample ideas about what you are writing about. Remember vocabulary matters. It’s always good to show off some strong vocabulary because most readers are judgmental.

Keep the conclusion simple, sensible and flawless. And never forget organisation is the key to a well-written essay.