Painting platform for all


Spending hours in a terrace, basking in the sun to beat the cold and above all doing what you love the best. This is what all you artists (amateurs as well) can do at the painting workshop organised by National Association of Fine Arts (NAFA). The wo-rkshop named ‘together @ terrace’ is being held in the terrace of NAFA building from December 30.

Around thirty-seven people have already joined the workshop and about eighty-eight paintings have been made. The participants are as small as six years old to art students who have completed their college education. The exhibition is open for all from beginners to experts.

Prominent artist Kiran Manadhar said, “ These workshops help them to overcome their inhibitions and learn more about paintings like mixture of colour, brush strokes etc.” In order to help the participants gain more knowledge about paintings de-monstrations and talk program by senior artists like Uttam Nepali, Bijaya Thapa were also included in the workshop. K For Ushina Maharjan, an amateur artist, the workshop has proved to be a blessing in disguise as she has been able to learn so much th-rough the guidance of senior artists like Manandar.