Paintings on peace


On the auspicious occasion of Buddha Jayanti a painting exhibition titled Searching for Peace by Infinity Group was held at Vishwo Shanti Pokhari at Swoyambhu Nath Stupa on May 20.

A total of 46 paintings which were made during three different workshops at Swoyambhu Nath Stupa, Bouddha Nath Stupa and Hrinya Varna Mahavihar (Golden Temple) were displayed.

Describing his artworks Gaurav Shrestha said, “I have tried to give the message of peace, the mantras are a sign of spreading positivity.” His paintings have been done of lungta (prayer flags) and has used acrylic and a lot of texture. Describing one of his favourite works he said, “I have separated Buddha in four different pieces and later joined it. It symbolises the fact that people haven’t imbibed his teachings completely, the Buddha should be given complete respect.”

Binod Kumar Gupta explains, “In one of my paintings I have used diyos too, one illuminates its surroundings while the other one is about to get dimmer but is still shining,” said Gupta. Explaining his other works Gupta said, “I have also shown our Jiwan charka, one has shown coins in Buddha’s bowl, it represents Buddha’s Shakti Kendra.”

Finally the third artist from the group Ramesh KC said, “I have used a lot of bright and contrasting colours.” He has also tried to highlight peace through his artworks. “My paintings mostly consist of images of Buddha and temples,” said KC. “I have used flow technique, I have used light strokes and let the images stand out. There is a lot of layered work in these paintings,” he added.