Paleti with Pema Lama

KATHMANDU: Pema Lama, a renowned singer from Darjeeling, will be performing at this month’s Paleti Shrinkhala episode on November 24 and 25.

Lama is a recognised name in the field of Nepali music. He has lent his voice to many modern Nepali numbers and has also done some playback singing for films like Paralko aago, Bachnachahaneharu, Arko janma and Zaar.

Trained by Nepali and Bengali gurus, Lama began singing at the age of eight. This is Lama’s first concert in Nepal.

According to a nepa-laya press statement, Lama will be singing around one-and-a-half dozen of his popular numbers including Chiyabari ko dildilma, Mero bhagyale je diyo malai, Kasailai aash mitho, Rata parda gham dubchha, among others.

“This is my first solo programme in Nepal and also the first time that I will be singing with my legs crossed. I’ll be putting forth my creations based on my experiences and feelings,” the release quoted Lama as saying.

Organised by nepalaya, the Paleti series aims to foster the singer-audience proximity.

Paleti with Pema Lama begins at 5:30 pm at r-sala.