Pals and fun of playing pranks

Friendship Day is celebrated worldwide on the first Sunday of August. It may be argued that this more of a commercial gimmick, but the bonds of friendship that we share with our friends does supass any market price. Friends are those persons who, though they laugh at us at our goof-ups, are always there to lend us that shoulder to cry on, and of course fight for that last piece of chocolate brownie. To all our friends, far and near, old and new, we wish good cheer and the best of everything that life has to offer

rann Well, once me and my best friend sent a fake love letter to one of our friends. It wasn’t problematic but later on we felt sorry for the guy who was heart broken by a girl who didn’t exist...

— Madan Thapa

n Pranks are alright as long as there is no maliciousness involved as they break the monotony of college life. I have been both the victim and perpetrator. Once during my hostel days, I hid my friend’s towel and underwear in one of the toilet cubicles and then my friend ran through the whole corridor searching for the towel, naked. All the boys in the hostel were laughing till he found his belongings.

— Ashok Banjade,


n The time spent with my friends and all those delightful memories still come back to my mind. I was not much of a prankster but once I did play a prank on my principal during my early school days. Hoping to have some fun with my friends, I tied a plastic tail on to the principal’s back. The act gave rise to uncontrolled laughter. The class was almost delirious with laughter. The principal was about to rap on the to stop the ruckus when his mobile phone rang. He went outside the room to answer it. It very sunny and very unfortunate for us. The principal was very amazed to the shadow of a tail hanging from his back. The very instant he found me guilty, he took me to his office and I felt very ashamed by the indisciplined and ridiculous act I had just done. Though it was funny in the beginning, the climax was problematic to the point where I was about to be restricated from the school but my father saved me.

— Subash Sharma, Orchid Science College, Bharatpur

Yes, having friends is the most amazing thing that could happen to anyone. At this point of time I cannot imagine my life without friends. As friendship day is approaching I remember the days I used to spend with my friends, the good ones, bad ones and troubled times too. I remember when I was in hostel, once we gathered and planned to watch a movie in the school computer lab at night. Unfortunately, we were caught. We were threatened by the teachers that we would be restricated from the school. Even today whenever we get together, we talk about we all got busted.

— Sati

We were having our final exams of grade X when I found a question paper of Accounts on the playing ground, which was scheduled for the very next day. I was too happy, but then I noticed that the paper was of class IX which was held on the same day. A trick came to my devilish mind. Along with other boys from my class, I photocopied the paper changing class IX into X and distributed it among the girls. All the girls prepared for the exam based on the same paper and came for the exams. The next day when they looked at the question paper, their innocent faces turned red, and they were on the verge of crying. When the teacher asked what was the matter, luckily they didn’t complain about what we had done. I felt very guilty but could do nothing for them. However, I submitted a blank answer sheet as I felt very guilty. After the exam, when we (boys) were walking home, all girls came in a group and beat us with their sandals. Though it was very painful then, today, we really have a hearty laugh remembering that prank.

— Suraz Adhikari

One day we began to make fun of an old man talking about his character, which turned problematic. The old man lost his temper and began to thrash us and we could hardly escape. Getting very furious with us, he has not talked to us for a long time. This problem made us realise that we should not have behaved badly with that old man in that way.

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha

A friend is someone who is with you through your hours of darkness and the times of happiness. In my high school days we used to have a great time. It was once that I wrote some letters to few girls of our class giving them some advice like how they should dress and how to do their make-up and what accessories they should go for. It was like a makeover suggestion for them and they thanked me for that.

— Satyandra Sayami, Nayabazar

When I was in Class X, I used to pull my friend Bikesh’s leg by linking his name with Sangita’s and other classmates. It was really fun as he used to yell at us. But now he is really in love with Sangita. I just want to say sorry and congratulations at the same time. Happy friendship day!

— Ashish

In this whole world, the most eternal relationship is friendship. We usually say that, ‘Life is Beautiful’ and its only because very kind, frank, helpful, understanding, intimate friends are there as are close companions. They are the ones who add colour to our lives and make it beautiful. Friends in school and college are very special. As it’s an age when we love talk and do nothing except have fun. Even we used to have a lot of fun back then. When we were in Class XII, seven of us were very close. We bunked classes and used to play games like Truth or Dare. One of my friends opted for Dare. We told him to propose to one of the girls among us. He proposed to a girl whom we used to tease as his girlfriend, which made us laugh like anything. We were just taking it as a joke but it turned out quite interesting as they really fell in love. Today their relation is much deeper and even their parents have accepted their relation. That is the most memorable moment of my college life.

— Umaa

Many friends came in my life and then just vanished: either they departed for personal reasons or maybe our friendship went shallow. But, my friendship with Deepak Nepal is still fresh though we are far. And above all, the pranks we played still make me laugh.

Around nine years back, I was in the ninth grade, There was a boy named Madap in our class, who used to stand first and we were jealous of him. So, once we made plans bring about his downfall. When a few days were left for the final exams, we stole all his important notes and exercise books from the class during tiffin break. He, with tearful eyes, requested that whoever had his books and notes to return those. But we didn’t. After the last exam, we went to our class and secretly placed those books on his table. The following day, seeing them he cried bitterly, tore them into pieces and threw them in the bin. However, some time later everyone got to know that we had been responsible for the dedd. The teachers scolded us but we were happy that our rank in the class would improve. And finally, on the day when results were to be announced, we sat at the front because we were pretty sure we would get a prize. Our principal announced the names of the class toppers. Neither we nor Madap got any prize. He called the name of another student. All our friends were looking at our pale faces with raised eyebrows. We simply clapped our hands and pretended nothing had happened to us. We tried to laugh with them but couldn’t.

— Tilak Poudel,

Oakland, USA

As most of the time we have momo parties in the house, one prank was always a hit — the one that one of them gets a

momo stuffed with red chilly and tomatoes. If

some new friend has

joined the party, s/he

is most likely to be targeted. And it sure is a lot of

fun everytime.

— Tsiring Grunge

It was the morning of a new year and my friend’s edited my name on one of our friends’ cell phone contact list and wrote a girl’s name instead. But I didn’t know about this. That girl was his crush in college. They gave a ring on his cell. He saw that girl’s name on the screen. While my friends giggled, he went inside his room with a big grin on his face. After a while my cell phone started vibrating and I was surprised to see his number. I thought to myself, “Why on earth was he calling me when we were so near.” Finally others told me about the prank. When he came out with that big smile we all laughed at him and shouted. “Gotcha! Saale!” Eventually we told everyone about the trick we had played.

— Sagar, Little Angels College of Mgmt