Papa Anil wants Sonam to lose weight


Anil Kapoor, known to be one of the slimmest actors Bollywood has ever produced, has now decided to make his daughter slimmer than ever before. And he found an ingenious way of letting her know his slimming intentions. He got her a fat-free- sugarless cake on her birthday on Monday.

Known for her sweet tooth, Sonam caught on quickly and got seriously worried. “I thought I had slimmed enough. I lost 35 kg before Saawariya. But I think Dad knows the other girls are looking very slim these days. It was his way of letting me know that I needed to get even thinner. A strange present on my birthday.”

Dad Anil Kapoor did make a ‘weighty’ statement. Sonam has caught on. “I’m going on a diet. I need to get thinner to look comparable with the other girls. Look at Deepika. She’s athletic and slim. I’m not an athlete. But I’m a runner. I love to go on long runs all on my own for miles and miles. That is a sure way to lose weight.”

But now with dad’s prodding her into a fat-free awakening Sonam is about to lose more kilos. “I have to. It’s not a vanity. It’s for my sanity. So thanks to my Dad I’m losing more weight.”