Partyin’ for love

Do party animals need an excuse to party?

Not really... and maybe at times.

Well, Valentine’s Day was a apt reason/excuse for the party poopers to get into their best party attire, paint the town red, and dance till they dropped.

... and after all these years

KATHMANDU: The dance floor was already crowded though it was just 8 pm. This went on to prove that there is no better love than mature love. Yes, people we are talking about the party of the season organised by Srijana Singh Yonjan and Sheba Rana of Creative Statements.

And as defined by the organisers this was a party with a difference — a party for those who had matured in love together but were as madly and passionately in love with their partner as they had been all those years ago.

All the who’s who of the corporate world and the Capital’s glitterati could be spotted flaunting their skills on the dance floor. The latest party favourite Chyanba ho chyangba saw them throw caution to the wind and twirl and swirl and boogey into the night.

Yonjan could be seen helping the DJ of the night change tracks on the turntable while making sure that the guests got the best of the music the night could offer.

Dancing interspersed with games for the couples made the party even more enjoyable.

And the organisers had to stop the music at 2 am in order to end the party because the Valentines on the dance floor were in no mood to leave. And for lovers it can be understood because there is never enough time for them to get bored with each other.

Hats off to Creative Statements for making it possible for the couples there to show their loved one that ‘you’re still the one’.

Sponsored by McDowell’s Signature Whiskey, with Zets Holidays, L&M cigarettes and San Miguel beer as co-sponsors, this was really one evening to cherish. — Dewan Rai