Patan Hospital: 25 yrs of care, service


Every passer-by could know that Patan Hospital was celebrating its silver jubilee on November 7. At the hospital’s main entrance, a special gate had been constructed to highlight the event.

As you walked through, you could see policemen on high alert, determined not to let any untoward event occur on the day.

“The Prime Minister is coming as chief guest,” explained an organiser in his doctor’s coat for the high security.

You could also see lots of people gathered around the event spot, some chatting or greeting each other with happy faces, while some hectically moving around to ensure everything was in order.

Various other charity events had preceded the day’s programme in the anniversary week, which included health awareness campaign, health camp, sports competition and blood donation camp.

Health and Population Minister Giriraj M Pokharel also graced the occasion.

“Education and health sector are the lifeblood of a country, they should go together,” PM Koirala enlightened the gathered mass, while speaking on the medical institute to be constructed at the hospital.

According to Lila Raj Acharya, one of the organisers, the said institute is planning to bring students from remote areas to study medical science and bond them for certain time to work in the rural and remote parts of Nepal.

Patan Hospital was formed after the merger of Shanta Bhawan Hospital, chiefly funded by United Mission to Nepal and the government’s Lalitpur District Hospital, at its present building in 1982. The hospital is slowly moving towards self-sustenance with the establishment of Patan Hospital Development Committee last year.

The programme also saw an award distribution to the major donors, staff serving more at the hospital for more than 20 years, and sports competition winners.

Pokharel said that although Patan Hospital had a good potential to be a model hospital, there are challenges galore.

Among the other main guests were Jim and Marilyn Simons, main donors for the hospital’s nearly completed maternity ward, and civil society leader Dr Sundar Mani Dixit, who also shared their opinions.