People Speak : Where there’s a will, there’s a way

No, it’s not good to encourage people to keep doing something they are not good at, especially when you know they can’t make it. Encouraging them simply causes stress which may also lead to depression. To lead a good and happy life we have to like what we are doing and to like what we are doing, we must be good at it.

— Tina Gurung

As the saying ‘try and try until you get success’, we should do things which are important to us and that we are capable of. We should never give up if we think we can do it, after all nothing is impossible.

— Rinkey Mallik,


We should never give up even though trying again and again is boring. Whenever we fail we should take pride in learning something from our failure. People who are still in a dilemma about their calling or talents should stop trying things that do not suit them. We are uniquely made by God with unique talent, we should not quit trying to do something we are good at.

— Bishal Gurung

It is okay to encourage people to ‘never give up’ because what we lack can be covered up to a great extent by enormous effort and continuous attempts.

— Pradeep Acharya, Koteswor

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. In these modern times, I believe we give up too easily. We give up too early. We give up before it’s down to the last drop. We give up before we are down to our last dollar. Before we give up, before we bail out, let us give God an opportunity to work that miracle in our lives. Let us thank God for all that we have and are. Ask Him to sustain us. When we think we can’t make it another day, let us live one more and see what God will do. When we’ve gone our last mile, let us walk one more. As we do, we will see the hand of God upon our lives sustaining us each day as we trust Him to provide. Never, ever, give up!

— Nitu Kedia

Never give up and try again till you succeed is the Gospel truth. It doesn’t assure us success but it is impossible to imagine life without it also. Without fire that burns at the maximum level in the oven, we can’t get the pleasure of warmth by sitting on the hearth. We should add few coals for satisfactory results. However, we should also be aware of what is needed at a particular time. Simply trying is not good but with analysis and implementation we can meet our needs for success.

— Anup Adhikari,

Simalchour, Pokhara 

“Some are born great and some become great.” Obviously some skills and talents are God-gifted, but talents and skills need nourishment through our efforts or our natural talents may eventually fade away. On the other hand, there are many such skills which are not naturally possessed by anyone but are to be learned and nurtured. Everyone is blessed with some talent and skill, so recognising one’s real potential and skills would be the wise thing to do before putting our hands into something we know little about or nothing at all just because we get fascinated by Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, Pele’s history in football, Shakira’s dance and vocal or by the fabulous life of celebrities in any field. No matter what one does, hard work and labour always counts and has never gone unrewarded. But before any action, we all must know that it is important to look at what we have not what we want.

— Khagendra Gurung

Nothing in this world is impossible as even the word impossible itself breaks in to “I’m Possible.” So, maybe someone with a really lousy voice can be a singing idol practising 10-12 hours a day or maybe one with no sense of words can be a prominent writer reading thousands of writings of famous writers and practising writing on a daily basis. So, I guess nothing is impossible. But on the other hand, I think that each one of should know what we have or what we want in life. If we are doing something we have no knowledge or idea about, then we are sure to fail and if we fail it’s up to us whether we try again or let it be. Letting it be would be an easy option that most of us would choose than trying again. “Try, try and try again” is like an ideal line we have learnt since we were kids. Trying is not so easy and trying again and again is like hell but that depends on us, making many impossibilities possible in our day to day life. So, it depends on whether we believe in ourselves or not.

— Kirti Karki, Biratnagar

We are always encouraged to “never give up” and keep on trying until we get success. It is true that success comes only after several tries. The first step towards success is determination. So if we are well determined at something, we should not give up our ideas, rather keep trying towards the desired success. Things do have certain points that demand a series of trials and only on meeting those levels, can we achieve success.

— Rasna Shakya,


Imagination is more important than knowledge. If a person aims for the stars and puts all his efforts into it, even if he doesn’t reach the destination, he’ll not end up with a handful of dust.

— Laxmanawaraj


There are certain things in life that we cannot accomplish in a single attempt. We have to be cool, calm, composed and disciplined. Without pain and discomfort no one can achieve anything fruitful. So, ‘try ,try again till you succeed’ is justifiable.

— Saroj Nepal

No one is born a singer, dancer, artist or writer. It’s because of one’s perseverance and determination they attain success. So I encourage people to try, try till you succeed. Nothing is impossible, the word Impossible itself says ‘I’m possible’. According to my perception, the 3 D’s — Desire ,Determination and Devotion — are the keys to success. So if a person follows these 3D’s, then there is no need to worry because success will be waiting for him/her.

— Sajina Karki,


“Nothing is impossible in this material world; the word ‘Impossible ‘is described in the dictionary of fools.” These are the famous words uttered by the late emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, while encouraging his soldiers in his mission of conquering the world. Similarly, we are always encouraged by our teachers, parents and elders not to give up until we succeed, how difficult the task maybe. They direct us to aim as high as touching the moon. I think we should never be hopeless in our efforts. We should try our best to obtain good results whatever the obstacles. But, we should not be mistaken by taking those words as Gospel truth. The major perception is that we should try again and again to that limit up to which we can because we know sky is the only limit. One should recognise his ability and indulge in his task up to the limit he can face; but should never waste his/her valuable time in paltry, futile and directionless matters. Whatsoever, we should encourage an individual to ‘never give up’ whether s/he may fail in the main goal but in turn may acquire positive achievements along the way. Finally, what was the fate of Bonaparte?

— Kamala Poudel,

Kohalpur, Banke

Suggesting people to ‘never give up’ without knowing their real vocation is like trying to fit round pegs in square holes. Everyone has a special talent through which they can show their originality and ingenuity. Hence, we must encourage them to find the vocation that actually suits their talent; the vocation that their inner consciousness is always demanding. As suggested by Spencer Johnson in his book Who Moved My Cheese? the first and foremost task is to sniff out the real ‘cheese’; the vocation which the Creator has implanted on us; the latent possibilities that are locked beneath our heart. Then to change ourselves and our track to obtain that ‘cheese’. The moment when someone feels that they have found out right place; the real ‘cheese’; only then we must suggest them to stick to it with all the tenacity they can muster, to never look back until the final frontier is met.

— Sailesh Acharya

We must always be able to identify our forte and confirm the aspects and points we are good at. Then we should work hard to strengthen them. We must persist in gaining what we want. Everything that is believed to be impossible can be made possible provided we move ahead with a concrete and reasonable aim. In this regard, the saying ‘try, try again you succeed’ can be relevant and also be taken as the Gospel truth. But if we fail to assess ourselves, that is either overestimate or underestimate ourselves, we can never reach our aim. Our aim should be reasonable and we should neither be too modest nor too ambitious. If we have such qualities, it is certainly pertinent of us to be encouraged to try until we succeed because trying is always best option.

— Dev Raj Adhikary, Kathmandu

I think it is best to keep on trying. In my opinion one should have the courage to do the job, s/he should try to find out his/her shortcomings and take it seriously. Where there is a will, there is a way. Man learns from mistakes. For example, in the competition for singing idol, everyone gets to know their merits and demerits. One should try to improve and show his good points so that his demerits are overshadowed by his merits. A stone can be used to build a house rather than be thrown uselessly. So it’s better not to give up and face the truth no matter how difficult it is.

— Binamra


The words ‘try’ and ‘will’ are the ones which gives a struggling individual something to look forward in the field s/he is involved in. When one is interested in something, it is for sure that s/he will work hard to achieve it. His/her will, if it has come from within, can’t easily get drowned by failures. So, the main point is his/her determination and desire, other people are just a backforce. The one trying to become a singer with a lousy voice can’t be discouraged, neither the writer with no sense of words. Let them try, let them go ahead. A struggling person should not be discouraged. If everyone did not support, the Ranas would have still been ruling, we wouldn’t be what we are today. So, let them try. Tell them not to give up till success bows it’s head before them.

— Rejina Rajbhandari Bernhardt, Tahachal

“Never give up and try, try again till you succeed”. I do not think this saying should be followed as the Gospel truth because everybody has his/her own potential in one or the other field. One should be able to recognise one’s own talent. Merely seeing some famous singer or writer and wishing to be the same is a nuisance. For every job, there is some requirement, and if you have it then its okay to try. If you improve with time, it’s wise to go on, otherwise there will be nothing else than frustration. So it’s very important to know your interest, your potential and finally try your hand at it.

— Pragya Shrestha, Kupondole

I think it’s okay to encourage people to never give up because it’s hope and encouragement that keeps us moving towards our dream. No one is born perfect, it’s our hard work, patience and determination that takes us closer to our goal whether we are good or bad at it. The path to success is a long one and there are no shortcuts. So keep trying with a never-give-up attitude. So it’s perfectly right to encourage a person to ‘never give up’.

— Shreeya