PEOPLESPEAK : Eat wholesome food

Bhaji ’n Pepsi is fast and tasty but readers feel there are no alternatives to judicious choice and homemade food.

The amount of fast food joints are surely rising as most of the people love them but actually speaking fast food do not give the nutrition required by the body and may not be very healthy. Fast foods lack certain nutrients that food is categorised in and to have all of them in our body is very essential.

Reshab S Ghimire

Fast food has charmed the public especially the children and the youngsters. It is surely a good way of saving time for this busy generation but home cooked food is economically as well as physiologically sound foe long term use in comparison to fast food and besides we have to be aware that more than 90 per cent of the diseases are caused due to our feeding unhygienic food and all the restaurants are not very particular about it.

Raghu Ram Parajuli

Be in West or East, people have very busy days as a result it’s impossible to return home and devour homemade food. Moreover fast food is comparatively cheap but it’s nutritious value is less and homemade food is the ONE healthy option.

Eakprasad Duwadi, KUHS

Food is an essential for us. Our lives cannot sustain without adequate nourishment and food is essential for growth, development and to lead an active and healthy life but in the contrary fast food has become a part of our busy lives. The quality of food is least thought about when it comes to consumption and yet fast if choiced right is not too bad. But the bottom line is we have to develop the habit of eating home made food which is good for our health.

Hemanta Poudel

I agree eating fast food occasionally is great fun and enjoyable. However if it becomes a regular habit then one has to be alert. Normally fast food is good because of instant availability but it gives you tremendous problems if you happen to eat it everyday. The cause of worry is because fast food is prepared for very long hours in advance so the real taste and benefits remain no more. In fact I would like to suggest people to eat home food more often otherwise choose proper restaurant where food is cooked with enough attention on hygiene and care. After all we all know that health is wealth and good health is possible only with a balanced diet and healthy food.

Manoj Shrestha

Obviously there are options, different green vegetables, fruits and juices are very healthy we should use less fat and spices in our daily meal and try to change our habit for fast food to be healthy coz health is wealth.

Sagar Lama, Swoyambhu

A man achieves a sharper sense and fitness with a healthy diet making fast food an eating habit can cause loss of health and money in long term. We can of course stick to nature’s diet like juice, fruits, salads for saving time and yet having pleasure of eating.

Upasana Rai

Fast food can be tasty and very convenient to cook but the option is only to resort to home cooked food, as they provide you with the energy that is required by your body, the vegetables give you all the vitamins and minerals, fruits have vitamin c in them to fight diseases and I guess in the long run what helps you for a longer life.

Naresh Maharjan

People living in urban areas are found to have tendencies toward consumption of fast food. The youth and children, in particular, are very fond of having such food. Apart from freedom from time constraints, the unique blend and taste and ease to carry and attractive packaging have been the main reasons behind the growing popularity of fast foods. Nutrition scientists have time and again alerted us that fast foods, despite their being good in taste, are health hazards and cause us to develop obesity. Research scientists have presented more gloomy views regarding fast food. They have revealed that fast food can invite serious diseases like cancer and heart disease. Obesity has become a common problem among the fast food users as it contains high calorie and is difficult to burn . Particularly for children such foods are very harmful as they hamper the sound mental and physical growth of a child as such foods lack nutrition value. Homemade food is more nutritious and health friendly . By bringing certain changes in the method of preparation in our traditional foods, we can lure children to develop taste toward our food. Instead of using the same type of recipes it is good to go for a change as it makes the taste different. Moreover, serving style and the eating place and the utensils

that are used for eating also work wonderfully. But these need extra time to devote, particularly from mothers, who are considered the captain of the family in our society and are entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the babies.

Ambika Pandey, Chitwan

The helter-skelter manner of urban living has forced people to lose sight of many important things. One of these, obviously, is the random use of fast food, which is risky for health owing to the inordinate use of spices and colours for fast sales. Though fast food makes tasty and quick meal, it should not be taken unless there is utmost necessity or lack of time to have home-made food. Avoiding fast food is not only easy on the purse, but also mitigates health risks.

Ram Pd Sharma

Anywhere in the world the craze of McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s have set the trend of being habituated to fast food. It is the case in Nepal too especially in Kathmandu and also in the other major cities, many find fast food an easy and inexpensive way to eat quickly. Yes it is, but one should also think about his/her health, which should surely be an important issue. Fast food is notorious for being oversized, high in calorie and cholesterol, while being lower in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. Following are some of the tips to replace fast foods: Go for tea or fruits or fruit juices or even water instead of soda items, salads instead of fries and vegetable items. Get back to whole foods that provide more than just counting calories. As fast foods are to be high in fat, salt and calorie, in situations where eating fast food becomes necessary, it is wise to select small roast buff sandwich, small size burger, diet soda, fruit juices and desserts like frozen yoghurt which have low percentage of fat or pizzas topped with lots of vegetables which is low in fat.

Kaushal Timila, New Baneshwor, Shantinagar