PEOPLESPEAK : For Kathmandu, cleaner and fresher

The least we can do is not litter city grounds, readers share.

Nepal is a country full of natural beauty, though small geographically it is like a pearl but the capital, Kathmandu is heading for dilapidation especially the atmosphere has become unliveable. The people are educated but ‘illiterate’, people say we mustn’t litter but they hardly follow what they preach. We should actually collect the house garbage in a bin and give it to the litter collectors, stop throwing disposing items in the streets but most of all

we should give up selfish thinking and think as ‘citizens of the Nation’.

Durga Dhakal, Alabama, USA

Sure it is our responsibility to keep the environment clean but first we must change our approach; litter less, things which can be recycled must be recycled, we must also avoid using goods made of plastic as it contributes a lot to Global Warming so let’s just all say, NO TO PLASTICS.

Pawan Kaji Khatri, Tanahun

To change the environment around us, firstly we need to change ourselves, we need to change our approach and think as citizens for once. Firstly we have to start by discarding the use of plastic bags, sprays containing CFCs, products made from endangered animals completely, stop littering or throwing anything in public areas and may think of going to work going to work/campus on bicycle or walk once a week, using water sparingly during water crisis. Besides we can form a group/club and organize weekly programs like-cleaning an

area, may make a graffiti on walls that would generate the message of saving the environment, sticking posters which warn not to litter and arranging concerts to convey conservation perhaps start forest plantation (vriksharopan) in the sparse areas. These are a few ideas which I’m sure will be of some avail to the improvement of our environment

Bibek Dhakal, Baluwatar

The earth is a beautiful planet on which we live and it is everyone’s duty to keep it clean but the people seem not bothered to preserve it, actually a lot of things have gone it’s distortion; factories emitting smoke, pollution, sound pollution, etc. To prevent the long lasting bad impacts on ecology and environment through all this we should be wise and aware helping the earth to maintain its bio-diversity. The people should take steps in preserving nature for example they can form bodies and organise clean up sessions it is not just the duty of the Government after all. Besides the government should set up dumping sites for the waste of the urban areas and we should actually have a social approach then can we be able to do something about the issue.

Prem Prasad Sharma, Central Department of English, T.U.

No doubt being a child of Mother Earth, we have a very close relation with environment, to be more precise, our health (physical as well as mental) depends upon our environment Being a resident of a Kathmandu I believe that it’s our duty to keep it clean and restore its everlasting beauty, we all know that the situation here has already become worse but if we unite together

and try harder, we can at least make it better. I personally think that if we can do anything we need to change our habit of throwing waste and littering, we should service our vehicles from time to time. Unless people themselves become conscious, realise the importance of a clean enviournment, not think selfishly but think as a citizen not much can be done but if we all come together and take a step towards it we can definitely help save the environment.

Bezeena, Kalimati

Nepal is s naturally blessed place, but through progression of mankind the greenery of the place has been affected much but I guess there are steps being taken to conserve the Environment, in Kathmandu this year’s theme” Green cities: Plan for the planet”, is being applied and it is the duty of the citizens to take it to the heart and follow it, it is not just the duty of the bodies and organisations concerned with it to look after the hygiene and the cleanliness of the city for example we can lessen the use of plastic bags and fuels, plant trees in our surroundings, properly dispose waste, limit the use of electronic items unless required dissipating ccl4 which degrades the ozone level. If we shall not be concerned about environment who will? So let us all come together for Cleaner Greener Planet!

Dilip Dachhepati, Pulchowk Campus

I feel lucky to belong to a beautiful planet like earth but see what of it? Depletion, acid rain, desertification, deforestation, environmental pollution etc. have created havoc. The situation is the same in every part of the world not just in Kathmandu.

The panaceas for this problem could be the following I guess:

1.Awareness with a solemn commitment.

2.A check to the alarming population explosion.

3.Formulation of strict laws and their enforcement.

4.Cutting down hazardous pollutant sources.

5.Harmonizing constructional work with conservation.

Sushil Parajuli, Lalitpur

At present protection of the environment is very essential for the humans to live in as well as for the earth, we should strive hard for the protection of the natural elements that the earth thrives on-air, water, land, fire. We should now take drastic steps to preserve the flora and fauna of the planet by applying The Green Muffler Method, which involves growing of green plants along roadsides and this, could bring a difference.

Alin Srivastava, New Baneshwor.

To save the environment we can plant trees, some public rules can be formulated and put to practice, there should be strict traffic laws and there should be a proper drainage system in the city, these are a few things which not just keeps the city clean but contributes a lot to the conserving of the environment.

Duwadi Eakprasad, Melamchi.

World Environment Day has been an alarm for all to know the value of the planet earth and show our gratitude to it but let it not just be ‘a day of awareness’ but for future as well that we act as true earth inhibitors. Well one can’t improve the whole environment but can contribute to it by keeping the surroundings clean and this should be a daily habit, besides we can keep to these certain points if we really want to conserve what the earth possesses:

•First we can invariably water the plants and flowers in our gardens and if there is not much space for it place them in clay pots and keep them indoors but watered.

•We can use clothe bags and paper bags instead of poly bags or we can reduce its use by using the same many times.

•We should stop using strong perfumes and sprays and use natural substitutes to them like light and natural perfumes or sweet smelling flowers or incense sticks as room fresheners.

•I think we should opt for diesel vehicles to petrol ones.

Most of all what we do for the planet earth will definitely influence us physically and mentally as it is we who live in it, so let’s do the best we can!

Shobha Thapa, Lamjung

June 5 could be observed as World Environment Day but we should take efforts of conserving

the environment every day. The fact that the earth is changing appearance is because the rate of deforestation is rising and if this is not checked soon we could be deprived of trees, this would also facilitate landslides besides we would have a very serious shortage of water which could cause a wide variety of diseases and the tourism sector would be equally affected, hence we should try and preserve the environment!

Nabin Kandel, Minbhavan.

Observing the World Environment Day was a good feeling for me as I really felt that I belonged to the planet and the measures that I think that should be taken are just shows how concerned we are towards the planet. To make this earth a better place to live, we must start this taking care of our plants, throwing waste at the right dumping spot and not littering, I guess we have to start right, as for the concerned authorities they must ban smoking & alcohol in the public areas. Electric & Solar vehicles should be promoted instead of fuel ones in the city. It should be our top priorities to keep the environment clean not only for us but also for the future generation as well. Finally, let’s celebrate the ‘World Environment Day Everyday’.

Yogendra Khatiwada, Jorpati,

“Green Cities: Plan for the Planet.” a great theme for this year’s Environmental Day, this theme may linger as a plan if the action is not taken promptly. Of course, there are many ways to contributing for not letting the environment deteriorate, it may all come through social awareness though. Today household waste has presented itself as a great threat to the solid waste management in the Kathmandu valley. If individuals can manage their household waste by a simple technique like compost or vermin-compost in their own house then this would be an absolute job. Making use of public transportation (especially electrical vehicle like SAFA Tempo, Trolley Bus), reusing and recycling non-biodegradable materials, reducing the use of plastic bags and utensils and finally sharing the concept of ‘eco-friendly knowledge’ among the people can make a create better place of earth.

Milan Budhathoki, Viswa Niketan College

Earth is the only planet where the living beings exist, it has atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere which are not found in any other planet. It is our prime duty to save the earth and we should make an effort to keep it clean and healthy for our sake and the earth as well. Polluting the environment of the earth means to not feel for the earth. Kathmandu is changing to a polluted city and we should not throw waste from near the riverside but in the dumping site. The youth afcourse can play a great role they can get together and organise cleaning campaigns.

Anju Shrestha, Khowpa College

Kathmandu city is getting polluted day by day because of unorganised urbanization paving way for numerous problems and as residents of Kathmandu we should work together for solving these problems. Here are few things that we can do:

1.Mintaining and repairing old vehicles that don’t meet the emission requirements.

2.Oganising different programmes like plantation programme, sanitation programme etc.

3.Setting factories away from the city.

4.Dumoing waste in the dumping site.

5.Stop using polythene bags.

Nima Tshering Sherpa, Baba Boading High School.

Obviously environmental awareness is a must and we do not practice it, but we should be serious about it and try saving the environment for sure!