Readers believe that three or more riders with no helmets on a motorcycle are unsafe more than anything else. However, they also opine that stricter laws should be made for national security and pillion riding must be freed for public convenience:

Pillion riding is a necessity in a country like Nepal where petrol is imported. As for security concerns, securitymen should manage a tighter checking system for suspected people and for riders late at night. Also, stricter laws have to be made for riders. There should only be one child on each pillion ride, and the child should not be below 10 years of age. All pillion riders should wear helmets. Special instructions can be issued for female pillion riders who wear saris and kurtas. Pillion riding not only helps to consume less petrol but also limits the number of bikes in a country that has an excess amount of bikes.

— Kaushal Timila, Naya Baneshwor

Taking into consideration the atmosphere in the country, we are still reeling from the news that terrorists shot innocent people dead from a vehicle and fled away. It’s also an economic way to save money, but in this situation money is incomparable to the lives of the innocent people. Pillion rides and lives are not comparable. If our environment had not been so insecure owing to the Maoist insurgency, we would have gone for pillion riding.

— Bimal Pandey

When accidents happen, mostly pillion riders die but the driver escapes. This is because the pillion riders don’t use any helmets. More than one person riding on the pillion without a helmet is, therefore, unsafe. Due to overload and too many vehicles on the roads, such incidents are not uncommon. Eventhough there does not seem any danger from the perspective of national security, more than one person riding pillion, especially without helmets, seems unsafe. Drivers cannot control overloaded vehicles especially in slippery areas. If the vehicle or motorcycle collides with another vehicle, pillion riders might lose their lives. Pillion riders who do not have a helmet can get more burns and wounds on their heads. By thinking and realising the danger of pillion riding, security persons might ask pillion riders to have helmets and ban more than two riders on a vehicle.

— Bal Krishna Khanal & Ratne Thumka, Syangja

The economic condition of the Nepali people is not very good. Not everybody can afford a vehicle. It is obvious that people will practise pillion riding as a result, in spite of the safety problems. People won’t stop travelling, so the government should implement stricter laws

and rules. Helmets should be compulsory and the number of passengers should be restricted.

— Kanta Hada, Nicholson College

So far as I know pillion riding is fashionable now-a-days, especially among couples as it is economical as well as fast. As for security, the country has imposed a law making helmets compulsorily to the pillion riders. This is essential to save lives. But unfortunately people who ride motorbikes or pillion riders don’t use helmets. Some motorbikes are even found with more than one pillion rider which is very risky. Finally, it is the age that we live in. Of course, we can live better lives with the advancement of science and technology. But it does not mean that we should adopt every advancement without regard. In my opinion, pillion riding is not bad in itself but we should know that helmets are important for safety.

— Mahesh Gelal

We are now in a world where life is moving very fast, and everyone is busy with his or her work. In Nepal, in order to live a busy life, people have to compromise and adjust with what is available. Motorbikes are preferred by most Nepalis as an affordable and easy way to travel. In my opinion, pillions are suited to just one person. More than one pillion rider is intolerable as it is most likely to cause accidents. No matter how short the distance, both riders mu-st use helmets for their safety. Not only this, traffic rules must also be followed. Moreover, the speed limit should be kept into consideration, as the roads of Nepal are not suitable for high speeds. We should never avoid danger to the extent of appearing irresolute but, at the same time, we should avoid unnecessarily exposure to it as nothing can be more foolish.

— Kripa Lopchan

Every person’s activities are directly or indirectly related to his/her nation. He/she can play crucial role in the development of the nation. More than two persons riding one bike without helmets means avoiding rules and regulations and, responsibility. The driver may lose his balance and an accident may take place. If any accident occurs, there would be damage and loss of property, as well as human life. Minor mistakes can cause calamities — personal, social and, in rarest cases, even national. That’s why only two people should travel on a motorcycle

— Rajendra Lama, Milan Chowk, Rautahat