peoplespeak : Harping about the best days of our life

I think old age is the golden age because as they say when one becomes old, one returns to one’s childhood, which means you get to live your childhood twice. Only a child lives its life to the fullest without any worries. So when you get to live that life twice, isn’t that the golden age?

— Priya

Age is not a barrier for happiness in life. Happiness is in our minds which is independent of various phases of our lives. I am happier and more free than I used to be and it will be gaining height as I am realising how ultimate happiness can be manipulated. Life is golden in itself, or shall I say platinum!

— Khusi Nepal

I am in my late teens and waiting to be an adult in order to become self-reliant and make my own decisions. You not only learn to implement and experience things but also tackle the obstacles that come your way. This makes life interesting. Years later when I lead a retired life, I’ll probably feel blessed to have achieved so much, despite the hardships and cherish the sweet and bitter memories that was once a part of my life and also a stepping stone to success.

— Prinsa Shrestha

Life is like an open book. Every phase is an unexplored chapter. Who knows what is in store for us until we stumble upon it? We might try to skip some chapters in order to reach ahead quickly, but at the end of the day, it won’t work. Perhaps that’s why leading a life is like reading a book. It’s no use if we try to hurry through it as if it were a mere compulsion. We won’t be able to enjoy the whole experience. Some chapters may be difficult, others may be easier; a few might be boring but many are appealing. The truth is that every stage has its own shares of harmonies and symphonies.

— Nitya Pandey

All the world’s a stage and every phase in life has its own charm. Before entering adulthood, we undergo the the interesting phase of youth that bridges the gap of childhood and adulthood. The youthful phase is a gift as one is full of energy and innovative ideas. During this phase one has the maximum potential of performing any task efficiently. I strongly feel youth is the golden era as it encircles all the qualities and opportunities that a man can have in a lifetime.

— Aparna Singh,

Rom Marg

Childhood is the golden age in the sense that children are carefree, unaware of the happenings around and enjoy themselves fully no matter what. As innocent as they are, undoubtedly children are loved by all. Thus, childhood is the golden period of one’s life — as sweet as a smile.

— Cool Cristofer,


I want to go back to my childhood because that period is a very memorable part of my life. At school and home, I was very naughty and my mum always scolded me, but that didn’t stop me from doing naughty deeds. So my childhood is the golden period of my life.

— Suresh Jaiswal

My childhood is what I want to re-live. I miss those days the most. Living a life of an adult and seeing beautiful children living a carefree life, unaware of the surroundings, I really turn green with envy. Recently, I heard a woman say, “May old age come to none” with gloom. Such are the thoughts that one has during the fading days but colourful are the days in a child’s life.

— Bulson, Pokhara

Time once lost can never be got back again. So why lose precious life? Though each and moment of our life is precious, childhood is the time when you can be yourself. As we enter our youth and adult age, our real self gets hidden behind our responsibilities and duties. Though we are physically free, mentally we are caged inside worldly obligations. It is like we have to follow rules and laws of society. The innocence which used to be our greatest wealth is buried inside us by the world outside.

— Abhipsa

We get joy when we sleep in our parent’s lap, the first words we speak, the first time we learn to walk and every little stuff, we do we are listened to and looked at with delight. We get to catch our parents’ hand and move on the path they show us. We don’t have to worry about right or wrong. We are so much enthusiastic to do new things when we are children. We are not bound by any responsibilities. But as we grow up our responsibilities increase and it is sometimes really difficult to handle them. Who wouldn’t want to be free and live a carefree life and generally only a child has such a life.

— Samana Gairhe

I think that childhood is the happiest time in a person’s life. When you are a child, every dream seems possible. Also, a child’s imagination is so vast it permits one to imagine a lot of enjoyable situations. A child has few responsibilities.

— Nitu Gautam

Childhood is the best time of your life. You can seriously believe that tooth fairies exist, that a jolly laughing fat man will give you everything you want because you sent him a letter with all your wishes. You can spend your days catching tadpoles in jars, making secret dens for you and your friends. You can be the happiest person in the world just because your parents allowed you to stay in a tent in your garden. Childhood is innocence, freedom, adventure and learning. My childhood has certainly been the best days of my life, so far.

— Pakash Gautam

“Many people think childhood is a golden age as they are free to do whatever they desire. But I call it the age of stubbornness and innocence because they don’t know what’s going on. And when they grow up they have to face the responsibilities and problems. If we say because of problems we are not experiencing our golden age, then it’s totally wrong,” said Shiv Khera. He also said, “Only the dead have no problems as they rest in peace. Problems are the part of our life. But it’s we who can turn these problems into prosperity. We can manage our problems and take everything positively. Then of course our whole life could be tagged as golden period.”

— Jim Shrestha, Koteswor

Being a teenager, I think teenage is the golden age of life. Teenagers have a carefree life. Teenagers also sometimes behave like kids by displaying their stubborn nature and sometimes they seem to be fully grown up by showing a strong side. Teenage is a period when one cannot fully understand the meaning of life but is eager to know anything which s/he hears about.

— Aagya Dahal, Jorpati

In my view, childhood is the best part of life. A child’s life is a carefree life. A child is free from almost all worries and anxieties of the world. As this is the first phase of life, it can be shaped as wished. Whenever, a child cries, everyone hovers around him and tries to solve his problems. Parents always try to fulfil the demands of their child. The mistakes made by a child are forgotten. And the most important thing is that children don’t have to worry about the dead past or uncertain future.

— Bibha Dahal,

Tri Chandra College

I think adulthood is the golden age of life. In this age, a person can contribute a lot in every field. This is the age when we can think logically, we can labour hard and we are most healthy. On top of it we are willing to build our career, which calls for massive effort.

— Nilu Thapa

People often say childhood is golden because it is an innocent and restless age. Similarly, when one becomes an adult s/he can enjoy whatever s/he likes but they are bound by responsibilities. So my perspective is that teenage is the most enjoyable age. We experience the change in ourselves and around us. We like to experience each and every aspect of life. We like to visit places, share ideas and extend friendships as well.

— Aakash Parajuli, Kapan

Childhood has to be the best stage of one’s life because that’s when one is most pure, innocent, carefree and happy. Childhood never encounters falsehood, deceit, anger, grudges, frustrations or depressions. It is the time when one is pampered the most with everyone’s love, care and affection (and attention too!). It’s when you make mistakes but everyone forgives you with ‘after all, s/he is but a child’. Life is free and open, yet safe, and everything is about chocolates, flying kites, sailing paper boats, swings and slides, climbing trees, colourful crayons.

— Rhea Gurung

I think teenage is the best age in one’s life. In this age, we can experience a lot of new things. It is said that this stage shapes the rest of one’s life. However, if a person cannot maintain his way on the right path, his life cannot move ahead properly. It is the stage when our minds are replete with curiosity that makes us try new things. This stage is full of struggles but if one can manage them, it can be a glorious stage that will be memorable in life.

— Dev Raj Adhikary

Childhood is surely a golden age. At this stage of life, everybody feels and enjoys enormous freedom, innocence and ignorance. All they know and do is eat, play, sleep, roam, cry, fight and do anything they wish. It seems as if life for them is a free sky where they can fly free as a bird without any restrictions. This phase of life is undoubtedly a golden age of everyone’s life.

— Anjan Gurung, Pokhara

Adolescence is the golden age. Wearing the hippest clothes and having the latest gadgets. We have to face many tensions, make mistakes but we taste real happiness when we discover the solution ourselves and learn lessons as well.

— Shekhar KC

I think the best days of one’s life are childhood. No tensions, responsibilities, one can get whatever one wants just by crying. A mother’s warmth, climbing on the back of your father, everyone cares about you as you are the youngest.

Pooja Lama

I personally feel that teenage is the golden period. Teenagers have the vigor, fervor and hope with insight. Their smiling faces show that the things seen by the eyes are felt by heart. They will never look back once they gain the pace of success. Teenagers add a gloss to their next stage. All these characters of teenagers enrich the beauty of life in their own way.

— Suraj Chapagain, Lokanthali