Peoplespeak: Let’s all shut up and do some work

Most people believe that it is what people do that really counts than what they say they will do. I agree with this, but I want to say that even the magic of the words spoken can sometimes defeat the mighty power of actions. There were dark times when I had lost hope in everything and there was nothing anyone could possibly do to make things better or worse. Only time would tell when things would become normal. But certain words of love and sympathy changed it all. It changed my angle of viewing things. I learnt that in times of despair, inspirational words can inject optimism and courage in people. And it is extremely important because there are times when even helping hands can neither wipe off the tears of the bereaved nor help put their shattered hearts back in place. So, I firmly believe that words spoken can bring unexpected changes in people’s lives.

— Nisha Puri

Our principal used to tell us that he would equip the college with facilities like English speaking and clean-green environment. But one guy actually did these tasks and inspired us. He proved that everything can be done. First we have to bring change in ourselves that we like to see in the society.

— Nilotpal Sharma

In the context of Nepal, people know that one must act rather talk about big dreams. Our leaders had made promises that they would construct roads in Golfutar, but the people after waiting for many months constructed the roads themselves and financed it. This proves action speaks louder than words.

— Navalok Sharma

I believe that ‘actions speak louder than words’. If we want to do some work for the betterment of a country , we should show our work. We should be focused and determined to do our work. There are people who only talk about doing big works but are not focused. These people should show their work and talk less. We can take examples of developed countries like USA, UK, Australia. In these developed countries, people do work than just talk about it.

— Sushobhit Pokharel

Action itself is the foundation for success. If a person has given full effort to his work, then that work will speak for itself. The world’s greatest painting Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is a great example of this.

— Awan Krishna Shrestha, Khwopa Engineering College

I agree that action speaks louder than words. Doing and saying are two different things. If you just speak, then it will be heard by others as long as you speak. But if you do something worthwhile, then that news will be spread and will be remembered for a long time. If you say you want to reach the summit of Mt Everest, then it isn’t great news. But if you are able to conquer it, then that is great. In Nepal political leaders want cheap popularity by means of words. They have the wrong conception that words speak louder than actions. They should change their thinking of giving long speeches and doing nothing.

— Satya Ram Puri, Bhaktapur

I don’t believe ‘actions speak louder than words’. Action and words when combined together has a deeper and lasting effect. It has a certain je ne sais quoi. People who only work but don’t speak don’t get the appreciation they deserve. They won’t be able to make a lasting impression. Those who only talk big and seldom do any work may get the appreciation they don’t deserve. But these fade off after the truth is known. So the combined effect of action and words is divine.

— Sparsh Dutta, Biratnagar

Performing and speaking are completely different things. Speaking is not a big deal but converting it into work is a difficult task and if one is able to do that that is great. Nobody will trust us only by our words, but if we can show our works, everyone will come to know our potentiality, so action is definitely better than words. But in some cases when you need to make someone understand you, words will be more useful.

— Shristi Kafle

Actions speak louder than words because actions have more power than words. A person had taken a loan from me as long as I was silent and didn’t demand for the loan he didn’t pay me back. But then I had to take some action against him and complained to a magistrate which worked as he instantly paid me back all my money.

— Mohan N Shrestha

It is said that when words don’t work, then action is better! So, as per the situation, words and swords come in handy for our problems. Ror parents it’s better they use their words to advise children to follow good manners. But in some cases, like if people are troubling society, then society needs to take action.

— SP Panday, Gongabu

Action is the requirement in today’s New Nepal. All Nepalis experience this fact that we no more need words from our leaders but action to make a new prosperous and peaceful Nepal. We all have enough experience of hearing words from our so-called mantrijis.

— Sunita Regmi, Surkhet

n As a student working part-time in America, I had a very interesting incident. There was this guy who could really talk well but I with my efforts and actions made him bite dust. From that day I really started believing that actions indeed speak louder than words.

— Binaya

Action is far superior than words. Once in the area where I live, a political leader gave a speech, though his speech was touching, his words turned out to be false. And the people took it upon themselves to convert his words into action as all of them started to work and completed the work which the leader had made false promises of completing.

— Suresh Jaiswal

I agree that actions speak louder than words. When I was in ninth grade. our science teacher was a very calm and polite person. There were a few students who often took undue advantage of the teacher’s polite behaviour. One day when the teacher entered the classroom, these students started making noise. The teacher did not pay attention to them and began teaching. They continued making noise even after the teacher asked them not to. When he noted the situation was going from bad to worse, he stopped teaching and beat them. It was such an unusual behaviour by him, but this action had such a great impact that those students stopped making noise in the class. This incidence has taught me we should not try to take undue advantage simply because a person is polite.

— Ambika Pandey, Chitwan

I used to think riding a bike was easy but when I tried, it was very difficult. I tried the entire day but it was so difficult. I then pondered on how people ride it so easily. At first, when I tried I fell down and also got hurt but tried again. When I faced this situation I realised how difficult it was. I also realised that we should not take anything for granted and say it is easy until we face it because it may look easy but actually doing it maybe an difficult task.

— Riju Regmi, St Joseph’s HS School

When I used to read the answers on this page, I used to think that writing an answer to the question asked was a very easy thing to do. But once when I decided to write, then I realised how difficult it was. I had no idea how to start. My mind went completely blank. However, I managed it with a lot of effort. This incident gave me the lesson that action really speaks louder than words.

— Mehandi Bhattarai, Merryland College

Definitely, action speaks louder than words. Mere words leads us nowhere, it’s the deeds that really count. In fact, people don’t believe those who only talk but never put into practice what they say. I have also experienced such situations. A few years earlier, I had two friends who were poles apart. One was too lazy and the other quite diligent The lazy one only talked about his dreams but didn’t do anything to change his dreams into reality. Despite being well educated he always sat idle. But the other friend believed in, ‘Work is worship.’ He never stopped striving regardless of the results. Finally he got a good position in a government office. But my other friend turned into a pauper. From this I learnt a great lesson that God helps those who help themselves. An action with right vision brings name, fame, wealth, prosperity and progress.

— Bishnu Silwal Chhetri