PEOPLESPEAK : Not glued to the idiot box

Readers seem to prefer “serious entertainment” like news and sports even as Zee Cinema emerges as the film channel watched most.

Yes, it is absolutely true that television is the window through which we can see the world. In my view all the channels are not the same though, my favourite channel is BBC it is actually

‘the channel through which we can see the world”. It covers all the current affairs of the world

and we as citizens should have a good knowledge about what is happening to the world.

Manil Chaulagain, Kapan

Television is one of the greatest inventions of all times, be it Neil Armstrong’s landing on the Moon, Diana’s Marriage, World Cups, Bush’s address or Bin Laden’s message everything can be witnessed in your own homes through television. Television has the function to inform, inspire and unite and it can be rightly termed as ‘The Window To The World’. Yet, for some it’s an idiot box as in its current state, no matter how noble our intentions are to watch only worthwhile channels it is easy to be lured to watch all various entertainment cannels in the network. The mesmerizing effect of TV brings us to an interesting paradox, TV creates great harm not only by its influence but also by what it prevents us doing. Still TV is not completely worthless for example it is immensely enjoyed to watch Prince Charles’ second marriage to Camilla Parker.

Eakprasad Duwadi, KUHS

Television is a one good source of knowledge, entertainment and accessories. I watch a lot of channels like those which provide knowledge and even those which provide entertainment. National geographic channel is one channel that gives us knowledge about science and technology and I think it worth watching.

Prabin Lama, Swayambhu

Nowadays there are many T.V channels we can watch, they are informative, entertaining and educative. As for me I like watching television as it is a good medium for unwinding and I also gather knowledge from it.

Bhesh Raj Acharya, Ghatte Kulo Marge

Television is indeed the window to the world. There are different types of channels which provide entertainment as well as informative I prefer BBC World, Animal Planets and Star Sports: BBC because because it gives us information about the world, Animal Planet because it provides information about different kinds of animals and of wild animals we are not even aware of, Star Sports because this channel is about different sports and I enjoy games a lot.

Bhesh, Koteshwor

I was born in a house where there was no television because it is a village and where the electricity is unattainable. I watched television for the first time when I was 14, later when I joined college I used to watch Hindi films every Saturday. Now with the network expanded we can watch many channels at a time and I watch National Geography Channel, Discovery and Animal Planet the most because there is so much they can cover and keep me abreast with the ways of the world.

Surya Chapagain

I think watching television is a window to the world in one way, it allows us keep abreast with the world and my favourite channels are: the Nepali channels-Kantipur television as has a good news to deliver to the audience, the “Aba Hamro Palo” program is much informative, BBC/CNN, I watch these channels for fair and fast updated news around the globe, ESPN/STARSPORTS, I watch these channels as I enjoy sports and they what so ever cover all the sports events possible there could be a trick or two to learn about from the players being televised

K Timila, Shantnagar

I prefer to watch TV to unwind from hard work. Zee Movies, Sony, Star Plus and Cine Max are my favourite channels.

Sallu Tiwari, Chitwan