Peoplespeak : Trends and times: Choosing style over fashion

I would like to show my own style because that will be my own creation. I am not against fashionable people or adopting fashion, but I wish to have my own style and fashion.

— Atual Shrestha

Fashion and style rock today! It is good in this modern era of television, movies, music, shows and almost everywhere. Yes, many of us become happier standing out from the crowd with a unique look be it among school/college students, job holders ascending from a clerk to a boss at a workplace. Self-confidence is a must. As as far as I am concerned I prefer to exude a style of my own. As fashion is never stable and trends keep on changing, it is not possible for everyone to follow it accordingly. Yes, I would love to receive good compliments from others regarding my appearance. I prefer to carry out my own trend that I feel comfortable in. But I do also think that not only positive compliments but negative ones can also be encouraging as it would make me realise that at least somebody noticed me! Belonging to a traditional and typical Nepali society and being an unmarried young girl, I do have pressure to carry myself in a attractive way but I personally opt for the tagline ‘Simple living and high thinking!’

— Ashmita Neupane,

Kasultar, Bhaktapur

Layered jet-black hair with flyaway bangs that come to the eyes. The oversized plain tee looks anything but pretty. The blue denims are faded. And down below, the black and white trainers look worn and mud-stained. A long string of beads hangs from the bony wrist. The nails are not trimmed and there are lots of skulls drawn on them. And I think I love it anyway. I would carry a different style of my own rather than don whatever is ‘in’. Because it’s definitely a lot cooler to create your own look rather than appear like everyone else. Its how you shape who you uniquely are.

— Roshim, Pokhara

Fashion is a very important part of life. But we should not misuse fashion. Actually, creating one’s own style is the true definition of fashion. So, everyone sho-uld try to develop their own style which suits them. Nowadays, when I walk on the streets of Battisputali, Baneshwor or Putalisadak, I find different people sporting the same look, just following the latest fashion. The in trend or fashion may suit a person but it may not suit another person at all. So, a person to whom the latest fashion does not suit should develop a new style that suits them. It can be done either by himself/herself or by the help of a fashion designer, beautician and hair experts. Thus, by using simple techniques we really can develop our own and unique kind of personality. Believe it or not, but I think it catches the eye of every person walking on the road.

— Pooja Thakur

I would choose to exude my own style rather than being fashionable. I think I’m a unique entity. Our common genre is ‘human’ but we, everyone of us, appears different. Difference can be traced out in every individual. So, in my view, its better to sport a unique style by every person. If a certain type of fashion appears in the market, it starts to be followed by people but it doesn’t show an individuals style. We all know that without style no fashion can exist. So, why not to demonstrate something stylish that is different by every individual? After all, every style is fashion, isn’t it? That’s why I want to be fashionable, uniquely, Unique Style for Unique Entity, that is what I feel.

— Nub Raj Bhandari, Jawalakhel

I believe in creating my own style rather than flowing with the flood of fashion. Because a distinct style gives a sense of uniqueness, and fills the hearts of even those who see it with a different kind of enjoyment. At the same time it is less costlier if we compare it in terms of money as we often spend to present ourselves as fashionable people. In another words, we need to have a heavy wallet heavy if we want to be fashionable. But a slight artistic style is enough to become a person with style.

World’s most famous comedian Charlie Chaplin had his own dressing style and moustache apart from his brilliant talent. This unique combination of his is still remembered and enjoyed by all people no matter which age group they belong to. Another great historical personality who is often remembered for his self created style is Hitler. He is famous not only for the dictatorship he adhered during his reign but also for the unique moustache he had. There are many more people who have set examples for their own style be it in grooming themselves or dressing up. To name some of the people in present time it is stars like Aamir Khan who also has his own style especially when it comes to his hairstyle. In this way having separate style has its benefits. Firstly it gives a chance to create something new and thus enhances creativity in a person. Secondly, one becomes quite unique in the crowd.

— Ambika Pandey,


Fashion is when we follow whatever is in the market, but style is what a person exudes, it’s their own individual character. So, fashion is associated with what others follow but style is associated with the personal character of an individual. Therefore, being fashionable is to follow others but being stylish is to explore one’s creativity. For example, what a person wears is less important than how s/he wears it. So, style presents a persons uniqueness. Therefore, I would like to be a stylish, creative person in this society rather than so-meone who is fashionable and a follower to others.

— Jeeban Panthi, Tripureshwor

I would prefer my own style, imitating others would make me just like them and my identity would collapse. As I don’t to imitate others, live and enjoy life freely, I will also have my own style. Being a fashionable person, I don’t want my original identity to be shelved. Keeping in mind the foundation of our religion and cultural values, I will be stylish so that others will not comment about my boring attitude.

— Saroj Khadka,

National Open College

Style and fashion are two very related things and depend upon each other. Style alone cannot be complete without the help of fashion and so is fashion without style. If style is to be shown be it in terms of writing, speaking, dressing, it must take the help of fashion. If fashion is not developed with current time, one will not be able to show one’s personality in a stylish manner. In the same way, if style also is not developed, one can not show one’s fashionable side in a grand way. This is the reason that style and fashion are the two slides of the same coin. I like to be fashionable because its necessary in this world. From fashion, we can earn both name and fame in national as well as international level. It is a kind of beautiful art and it is now wanted everywhere.

— Mohan Narshing Shrestha, Kupondole

I would definitely recommend and believe in having one’s own style rather than being given the tag of a fashionable person. Fashion is usually perceived as something that we follow or we must follow. But style is something you create, make, establish, develop or acquire. Young people have been tormented by fashion virus and are often engaged in unhealthy and noxious practices in their endless endeavour to become perfectly fashionable. Young girls take up smoking, starve themselves and take the aid of plastic surgery to acquire the perfect body. In the pursuit of being fashionable young people lose their direction and also their individuality. I would rather have a style of my own and express my individuality, creativity and uniqueness. Just be yourself.

— Krishna Godar,

New Baneshwor

I think it is better to carry your own style rather than being dressed up as per the fashion that is all around. It is wise to find your own sense of style, mixing and matching different trends and ideas, so that you can create something that is uniquely you! When you have a style that is unique, you will be expressing yourself. So, I prefer to exude my own style rather than being known as a fashionable person.

— Krisha Amatya,


The majority of people like to be fashionable and to them fashion means the latest trend or anything that is in vogue that makes a obvious mark as every individual is carrying out the same style. However, I would rather create a style of my own. Because for instance, while you are wearing an outfit different from others and walking on the road, you’ll see people glancing at you transfixed and might even hear them say, “Hey! that ordinary outfit looks exquisite on him/her. She has got an extraordinary style.” So, in my opinion, if you want to be known as a fashionable person, exude a different style of your own.

— Carlos

I would like to exude my own style rather than being fashionable. Generally, style is influenced by fashion and without having good sense of fashion, style cannot be appreciated. People follow fashion blindly without knowing whether it suits them or not. For example, I see girls dressing in an uncomfortable manner, exposing their skin in the name of fashion which is very annoying and disgusting. I’m fed up of people’s attitude towards following fashion. I feel fashion is followed and style is created. So, for me it’s best to have my own style where I can create something of my own enhancing my own creativity which will distinguish me from others.

— Rajani Maharjan

It is a fact that fashion is a way expressing oneself. But I believe style displays the superior quality of a person. So, I would like to have a style of my own because it is the right way of showing ones designation. Nowadays, people follow current fashion, but I don’t want to hide my real identity to be fashionable. I want to express my distinctive nature and have a style that reflects my personality. There is no need to change oneself to be fashionable, the important thing is that we create and revel in a particular way which is fashionable.

— Uma Neupane,

New Baneshwor

Style is one’s unique feature. One can be stylish everywhere without being fashionable. One’s style can neither be emulated nor be suited to others. Style showcases one’s personality. Thus, I would exude a style of my own which suits me best.

— Bikram Neupane, Naikap

I agree that style and fashion are two sides of the same coin. But I would like to be called as a fashionable person. I feel being fashionable makes me fresh, it makes me confident and determined. I may use simple ways and be fashionable. I feel fashion is not only to follow others but create your own style and make others follow you. A fashionable person looks more attractive, happy, pure and secure. If I have to attend a party and I am just wearing the dress which is not in fashion, I may be the center of attraction and look very hilarious. If I am fashionable I will feel jolly and pristine. We have to be sure the fashion we are following is suitable for that particular place. So, I think be fashionable and show your personality, confidence and impress others and succeed in life.

— Sandhya Acharya, Maharajgunj