Peoplespeak : Wish I were a bird, Batman, a king, poet... myself

Seriously, I would like to be The Himalayan Times. THT is complete; it has sections for entertainment and sports too, so the mix of glamour and athleticism would be great. So who wouldn’t want to be like THT, a complete newspaper and I dream to be one.

— Suhit

I wish I were a bird flying high up in the sky, free and gracefully gliding in the sky, looking down upon the land watching people squirm about like tiny creatures in the sand.

— Ashok Banjade, Butwal

Life is more painful than death. Death comes once and ends it all. So I wish to have the freedom like a bird. I wish to be a bird that can fly, leaving all the pain. I would proudly fly high and I would never feel guilty again whenever I close my eyes.

— Awan Shrestha, Khwopa Engineering College

I would be a special type of earthworm to help farmers. The earthworms available now are capable to degrade only organic matter but I would like to have such a mechanism that can degrade inorganic matter too. Moreover, I would also like to be able to have the mechanism for growing and reproducing faster. I would prefer to take birth in Kathmandu because lots of resources would be available. I will preserve the environment and be a friend of the farmers and teach them not to use chemical fertilisers, encouraging organic farming.

— Jeeban Panthi, Kirtipur

I would love to be Batman, not just only to fulfil my superhero fantasies but also to fulfil my dreams of being extremely rich. I think Batman is the only superhero who relies on his own scientific knowledge, detective skills, and athletic prowess. Intellectually also he is unequalled. Batman is one of the world’s greatest detectives, scientists, engineers, escape artistes, criminologists, tacticians, and on the top of everything a filthy rich billionaire. Being the sole heir to a multibillion empire Batman proves that even superheroes can rely on money when it comes to saving the world and is yet to be surpassed as the greatest superhero of all times.

— Anubhav Jha

I would like to become Dhiru Bhai Ambani, who literally started from zero and eventually found himself on the list of world’s richest men. He was a poor man from a poor family and it was quite daring of him to dream of becoming the richest man of India. He was not a man of extraordinary capabilities, but just among those few who were able to recognise his abilities and had the heart to dream big, ipso facto setting out an inspirational chef-d’oeuvre and getting himself drenched in wealth.

— Sparsh Dutta,


I am never influenced by a person but by their personality, character and their habit. However I am satisfied with myself and what I have with myself. I believe we should notice someone’s personality and if they got good human character then certainly we should try to imitate those habits. But if you really want to get noticed for who you are, you will find that you yourself are perfect in your own field. But try to be confident.

— Samdup, Boudha, Tusal

I don’t think I would be anyone else. I am proud to be myself. One needs to learn to be proud on himself for what he is. He should have his own aim, ambition for which he should sacrifice his entire life. Being oneself is the best idea than being someone else in my philosophy. So I am happy to be me.

— Dwaipayan Regmi,


There is this hymn we used to sing in kindergarten If I were a butterfly, I’d thank the Lord for making my wings. If I were a robin in a tree, I’d thank the Lord that I could sing... I’d just thank the Lord for making me Me! So I’d rather be what I am than an animal, and I’d definitely not be a vegetable or a thing. It would be sad when people refer to me as ‘stuff’. I am happy as a human being. I do fancy being a bird sometimes just so that I could fly and sometimes I fancy being a musical instrument. But none of the two would give me a life worth giving up the life I am leading now.

— Rhea Gurung,


I would prefer to be great Prithvi Narayan Shah. We know his contribution and efforts. Besides, he also played dominant role for the extension and unification of country. He was ambitious, warlike and shrewd. I want to be ambitious just like him. ‘To earn something, it is obvious you have to lose something.’ With this slogan, Shah moved ahead. I am fascinated by this saying. I also want to sacrifice something for the shake of the country.

— Prakas Adi

I would rather be an eagle (or any other bird). I

love flights and would really love my life then. Being

free to do whatever I want and just a little of chores to care about.

— Prashanta Ojha

I would prefer to be Parijat. I know the struggle she underwent in spite of her physical disabilities. She was suffering from a lot diseases and economic crisis. Those diseases perhaps made her physically weak but couldn’t stop her thoughts or made her

mentally weak. She always struggled throughout her life and achieved everything at last. She converted

the impossible into possible. I wanted to be like her and prove once again that ‘self confidence and spirit are qualities needed to achieve success rather than physical strength.

— Dipraj Bista, Imadol

Of course at times we aren’t satisfied with who we are. We become furious with our lives and wish to have life of someone else. But if we think more deeply, we can find the best within ourselves. Our life is a pool of happiness and sorrows and there are both good and bad times in it. We have to enjoy the good times but fight the bad ones as there always comes a morning after the dark night. We must learn to walk with time instead of being frustrated with our life. No matter how much I hate my life, I’d still stick to it and I’d choose my life over that of Bill Gates or Sarah Jessica Parker.

— Samjhana Maharjan, AVM

I would like be a bird because to see the amazing world is my desire. So I want to look with full of joy, flapping my wings and bid good bye to all my loves ones, relatives and all who live on the Earth. As, I am a nature lover, I want to enjoy nature and being a bird I can go from one forest to another and touch different kinds of herbs which will make me free from my illness.

— Munzoo Khadka, Koteshwor

I wish I could be a flower… a fresh daisy. But I have experienced being one, when I was all set up

to go out for the first time with a guy whom I really liked. I felt so fresh, attractive and spruce...

Maybe a gigantic tree with widespread leaves and braches... I have been that too when I first started my existing job. Many companies report and everything has to be well-run...

For once I want to be blind because I have already become deaf when my boss scolds, and dumb if I have committed any mistake...

I have been on cloud number nine when I was with a fellow with who I really like to spend time...

— Ani Waiba

I would definitely like to be a dove, a bird that symbolises peace and love. I’d like to spread the message of peace, love and harmony. I wish I could teach people and all living beings the power of love, brotherhood and care. Make them understand that God has made each one of us so we have to respect one another.

I would also like to be a dolphin, the ones with

wise and intelligent brains, loveable and the friendly natured, among the aquatic species. Dolphins are

very entertaining and good for trainings and performances to keep others happy and gay.

Blue whale is another choice. It’s the species

that is disappearing which

I definitely would like to preserve.

— Jatsha

Everyone in this world wishes they could be like something or somebody else. Even the rich and famous personalities want to be more in their life. If someone says he/she is fully satisfied, they are just pretending. Sometimes even I feel sad and wish I could be like a bird and fly all over with freely, there would be no burden and problem. But people may chase me, kill me or cage me for their personal interest. Again I feel sad and thinking for some rich and famous celebrities but what happen if would not able to balance my position then I would have to suffer a lot. I have decided to be myself, whatever I am today I have to make myself. Everyone

has troubles in their life,

so forget about others and concentrate more about yourself.

— Kes Bhadur Pun

I am quite satisfied in my present form and position. Yet if given a chance, I would choose to be a flower. It is because flowers are beautiful creations of nature. Flowers are lovely, delicate, charming and beautiful and possess a unique quality to delight people in an equal manner no matter whether they are children, youth or elderly people. At the same time flowers never discriminate against anybody on the basis of cast and creed the way we human beings often do. Be it in the hand of a rich person or a poor person, a flower leaves a soothing effect on them in an equal manner. Likewise, a flower has multiple usages. Be it a moment to express love or showing gratitude and respect to someone, a flower always takes front space and lead role. Because of the soothing effect that flower leaves on mind and body it is used to decorate temples and

occupies space even at the bedroom. Above all what inspires me to choose to become a flower is its unique tolerant capacity. Despite being, delicate and beautiful flower always gets ready to face any adversities such as cruel blow

of wind and heat of

summer boldly and firmly. So adorable are flowers and why not to choose to become it.

— Ambika Pandey,


I would love to be Gyanendra Shah. If I were him, I would not stay at the palace at Nagarjung, rather I would build one of the most modern and quake-proof buildings/complexes somewhere in the heart of the capital city. I would beg pardon for all I have done. I would not regret the loss of the crown, rather I would be patient, invest money and energy for the welfare of the hundreds of street children in Kathmandu who are living destitute lives. I would appoint my wife Komal as the president of the Street Children Rehabilitation Trust (SCRT).

I would then establish

a very big business

organisation under my own name so that people around the globe would know me as a business tycoon. I would, by

constructing different roads and bridges and renovating them, show our selfish leaders that nothing is impossible if we have a willing heart. Above all, I would devote all my life for the welfare of the people.

— Tilak Poudel,

Oakland, US