‘Pervert’ RGV admires Sridevi’s ‘thundering thighs’

MUMBAI: Boney Kapoor has called Indian film-maker Ram Gopal Varma “crazy”, “bonkers” and a “pervert” for openly sharing his admiration for the producer’s wife Sridevi. But that hasn’t deterred RGV from praising the actress’ “thundering thighs”.

Varma has made a reference to Sridevi and her beauty in his autobiography Gun & Thighs. At the book’s launch, he even shared how to see the actress make tea in Kapoor’s kitchen was a “letdown”.

The comments have irked Kapoor, who has reportedly called the film-maker “crazy, bonkers and a man with a perverted mindset”.

Varma in turn defended himself by advising that the producer should read the chapter before commenting on him.

“My advice to Boney is to read my full article in Guns and Thighs on Sridevi-ji before spewing venom on me,” he wrote on Twitter, adding that he respects the English Vinglish actress as a fan.

“I as a fan have more respect for Sridevi-ji than what Boney has for her as a wife... Only Sridevi-ji will know the truth of this in her heart.”

Varma, who has done films like Kshana Kshanam and Govinda Govinda with Sridevi, commented that the actress’ popularity is not only because of her acting talent but also because of her “thundering thighs”.

“Sridevi-ji’s fame is not only because of her acting capacity but it’s also because of her thundering thighs — top critics of Himmatwala time... If only acting talent is a measure for stardom, why wasn’t Smita Patil bigger than Sridevi-ji... The thunder thighs made the difference,” he wrote.

“I respect Sridevi-ji for her thighs, her smile, her acting talent, her sensitivity, her persona and above all I respect her love for Boney,” he added.