PETA ‘pleased as punch’ with Styles

LONDON: British singer Harry Styles has been praised by animal rights organisation PETA. The One Direction member has won the approval of the non-profit organisation after urging his fans to boycott the local SeaWorld while performing on stage in San Diego, California, reports

The 21-year-old was captured on video by concert-goer Maisie Williams, saying, “Does anybody here like dolphins? Don’t go to SeaWorld!”

Upon seeing the footage on Instagram, a spokesperson for the organisation said they were “pleased as punch” with Styles’ comments.

PETA’s senior vice president Lisa Lange added, “It’s no surprise that Harry Styles knows what young people care about — they love animals, and they hate businesses that hurt them, like SeaWorld’s orca prisons do. PETA hopes that One Direction’s devoted fans will join the thousands of people around the world who are calling on SeaWorld to retire the orcas to coastal sanctuaries.”

The charity is planning to send Styles a tee-shirt printed with the words ‘SeaWorld Kills’ as well as a box of dolphin-shaped vegan chocolates to show their gratitude.

Family entertainment company SeaWorld has frequently been criticised for the treatment of dolphins and orcas at their facilities across the US.