PICK OF THE WEEK: Blindfolded master of Rubik’s Cube

Most people find it impossible to crack the famously tricky Rubik’s Cube puzzle, but a teenager

has set a new record for solving it blindfolded. Joey Gouly cracked the multi-coloured cube in two minutes and 27 seconds, setting a new British record. The fast-fingered 17-year-old from Leeds said he found it so easy to finish the cube with his eyes open, he decided to set himself a new challenge. “A lot of people do it one-handed, but I’m better blindfolded,” he said. Joey got his first Rubik’s Cube when he was 16, and reckons his daily practice sessions mean that without a blindfold he can crack it in just 15 seconds. “Once I’d solved it, I just kept setting myself new times and getting faster and faster,” he said.