Pitt shoots in Pink City


Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, who is in the Rajasthan capital along with Angelina Jolie, shot for a film at the over 175-year-old Bichun Fort dressed as an Afghan on October 20.

Ranveer Singh, an owner of Bichun Fort, said: “We are not sure if he shot for an ad film or for a Hollywood movie. Brad was here for over two hours wearing an Afghani dress. He came here along with a crew of 30 and also had his lunch. Neither Angelina nor his children came for the shoot,” he said.

The shooting took place in one of the courtyards of the fort. “We have three courtyards and they shot in one of them. A set of a market was created and Brad walked past it,” a source said.

Bichun Fort, about 50 km from here, has 25 rooms. It is being used as a residential property, but will shortly be converted into a hotel. “Someone showed pictures of the fort to Angelina and Brad. They liked it and expressed their desire to shoot here,” Singh added.

Brad and Angelina, who arrived here by a chartered plane on Wednesday, are expected to leave by a chartered flight evening.

Jolie is in Pune to shoot for A Mighty Heart, a film on the Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl who was abducted and slain by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002.