Pixie Lott hot for Pattinson

LONDON: New British singing sensation Pixie Lott has a crush on 'Twilight' actor Robert Pattinson.

The 18-year-old British singer thinks the 'Twilight' actor is very attractive, and is better looking than her other crush Zac Efron.

Pixie said: "I really like Zac Efron. But I'd prefer it if he messed up his hair a bit, he's a bit too perfect. I really like Robert Pattinson. I can't wait for the new 'Twilight' film to come out."

Pixie recently topped the UK singles chart with her song 'Mama Do (Uh Oh Uh Oh)', but her over-zealous celebrations left her without any stage costumes.

She added to Britain's Glamour magazine: "I went to London for some champagne with people from my record label. Then I had a show in Bristol, so we drove there but I'd left all my costumes at the place where we'd been celebrating, so the driver had to go back for them!"