Take a chance

Lions roar, monkeys chatter

We should try to understand that others matter

We cannot change silver into gold

But love and affection can change the world

If you don’t succeed, don’t lose hope

Be patient, go your way and God will bless

You might be looking for opportunity

But opportunity is searching for you

You should try to grab it and do something new.

— Chakrit Subedi, Bishnumati Higher Secondary School, Kathmandu


In my room

On my chair

My family standing behind me

Looking out the window

Listening to people

Screaming and chanting

Gun firing, bombs, shouting

Dim light fills the sky

Smoke pollutes the air

People fighting for their way

Feeling sad for people

That would be hurt

Feeling nervous about what

Was on the streets

Feeling scared for my family

I didn’t want them to be hurt

I want peace

People want peace

Peace, Peace, Peace.

— Sofia Shah, Lincoln School, Kathmandu

Mom dear

My mother loves me

My mother is everything to me

Her smile! Oh! her smile

More precious than diamonds

My mother is gorgeous

She is a genius

When I’m sick

For a week

She wakes up all night

And looks after me

My mother is a teacher

She is good at every feature

She loves every creature

Nobody can easily reach her

It’s my good luck

Getting a mother like this

I follow her advice

And remain cool as ice

She encourages me

In every step of my life

But she never discourages

In any step of my life.

— Deepali Poudel, Class V, Triyog High School, Kathmandu

Flower and thorns

Like deep seas and oceans

Deep is the path of life

Sometimes filled with joy

Other times filled with pain.

Life is at times as bright as a full moon night

And makes you happy and delighted

But sometimes it is as dark as the new moon

And makes you sad and upset.

Life is full of uncertainties

We never know when and how it changes

Life has many ups and downs

It’s like a flower between many thorns.

— Subodh Shakya, Apex College, Kathmandu

Pitter patter...

Come rain, come

You are my friend

I am sleeping, sleeping

You are calling, calling

Wake me up

Come rain, come

You are my friend.

— Monica Bhandari, Class II, Sishu Niketan Secondary School, Pardi, Pokhara


Look at that butterfly

It is colourful

It is so beautiful

Sucking the nectar of that flower.

Fly butterfly, fly

Fly high in the blue sky

You look very colourful

You look so beautiful.

— Manik Raj Maharjan, Kathmandu

Puppy and I

With charming eyes

And brown in colour

My puppy is my best friend forever

He comes to me early in the morning

To wake me to go jogging.

I play with him all evening

And sit by at night reading

When I return home

I see my puppy with a great smile.

— Prabesh K Karki,

Class V, Shuvatara School, Lalitpur

Where I study

My school is the best

Out of all the rest

If you wan to test

Be our guest

Good manners are taught here

That can be found nowhere

If you want to share them

You are welcome here.

— Aman Garg, Class V, DAV School, Kathmandu