Smile is the thing

I like the most

But I can see

In you it is lost

Give me your address

I will make post it to you

Because I know

Much it does not cost

You won’t get it in

the market

Because it is not on sale

You may get it by receiving

A joke through e-mail

Though a smile

is perennial

Like the long river Nile

You easily may lose it

By limiting yourself to a file

Smile should not

be stopped

Because it appears only for a while

So after reading this poem

Please give me a big smile.

— Biraj Hada, Class X, NK Singh Memorial EPS School, Kathmandu

Mother dear:

You gave us birth

And life

And raised us

Without a fuss

Brought us up

Showing us

The wrong from right

Cooked the best food

We ever ate

I remember the years

You used to

Hold me

...play with me

...sleep with me

I always wanted to tell you

Just three words

That I love you

Now it’s too late

I could never tell you

How much I love you

So I sit and write

A poem just for you

And that

Mom, I love you.

— Pranika Lama, Class IX, EPS School, Minbhawan

If I could:

Like the birds I want to fly,

Up and up in the sky.

Like the flowers I want to bloom

In the morning and the noon.

Like the sun I want to rise,

To be oh so bright and wise.

Like the wind I want to blow,

The black clouds very low.

Like the water I want to be cool,

Satisfying the thirst of a school.

Like the springs I want to fall,

These are my wishes, over and all.

— Nirajan Pandey, Suryodaya Secondary School, Kathamandu

Bloom :

Flower, flower why are you dry?

You make all the people cry.

Flower, flower don’t be so sad

You’re making us feel so bad.

You are a flower, not a man

Smile little flower, if you can.

Oh flower, quickly, quickly bloom

Don’t trap anyone in your gloom.

Flower, flower you’re always cool

No need for you to go to school.

— Ashrika Chaudhary, Class V, Nobel Academy, Kathmandu

What life’s not:

Life is not a game

Played by a player.

Life is not some waste

Thrown into a dust bin.

Life is not some word

That can be rubbed off.

Life is not a ball

That can be thrown everywhere.

Life is not a toy

That can be broken.

Life is not paper

That can be recycled.

Life is not a pencil

That can be sharpened.

Life is a short period of time

Between birth and death.

— Sudati Shrestha, Class VII, Nagarjuna Academy, Lalitpur

My dreams and yours:

I wish my dreams would come true,

Dreams that are my very own

Dreams of my heart,

Dreams of my soul.

I have special dreams,

Which I wish to come true

But I know dreams are just dreams

That they never come true.

Its nice to dream

Don’t you think so?

I know you must have dreams as well

Which you wish would come true.

— Barsha Baidhar and Shreeya Pradhan, Kathmandu University High School


Frustrated ‘cause I can’t tell if it’s real

Mad ‘cause I don’t know how you feel

Upset ‘cause we can’t make it right

Sad ‘cause I need you day and night

Angry ‘cause you don’t take my hand

Grieved ‘cause you don’t understand

Disappointed ‘cause we can’t be together

But I love you forever.

— Shristi Manandhar, Class VIII, RIBS, Kathmandu


Michael Schumacher, my man

I am your great fan

You were F1 champ for seven years

But now you’ve retired

I am rolling in tears

When you used to race

I used to sit on my coach

And watch you on my

TV set

I’ll always remember

your face

Now that you’re retired .

There’s nothing else to do.

— Pranaya Lohani, Class VIII, RIBS School, Kathmandu

Likes and dislikes:

I like to fly the kite,

But I don’t like to fight.

I love my mother,

But don’t like to beat others.

I like to play in the light,

But not in the night.

I like to sing

But not drink coffee.

I like to look at the sky,

But not tell a lie.

— Nikesh Tandukar, Class VI, Nagarjuna Academy, Lalitpur

In heaven:

If disaster could be kind

There would be no war

There would be no flood

There would be no blood

There would be no destruction

Therer would be no devastation

There wold be no thunder

There would be no hunger

There would be no pain

There would be no moan

Oh, God!

Let’s all of us live in heaven

You, me and my nation.

— Ranjita and Prakash, Class IX, VS Niketan, Kathmandu

Spring in the air:

When spring comes

The white snow melts

Out sprout the greens

And all my little friends

Will sing a song

When spring comes

The world is beautiful

With all the snow gone

Therefore, I’ll come

When the sun sets

And in the deep blue sky

My little friend will fly.

— Sunil Lama, Class X, Wits Academy