Precious mama

To take care of us there is our mother

She is more precious than any other.

She loves us so much that we cannot say

She has given us so many things that we cannot repay.

She helps us walk by holding our hand

Without her we would be not in this beautiful land.

We know she is very precious, she is our mother.

We will be sad if she goes far away.

— Samrat Chand, Class V, RIBS

Playing in heaven

I remember the day

That was heavenly fun

In the morning light

I came to dance with the sun

The morning beauty of the heavens

Sun shining over the ocean

Enjoying the spring

On the full moon day

The beauty of the hills

To the lake of happiness

Took me to that world

Which I did see and feel

God take the soul

To the beautiful haven

Where there’s no sorrow

No pain ever.

— Keshav Adhikari, Class VIII, Saipal


Life’s many shades

Life is made up of happiness and sorrow

Let us enjoy today, for who knows about tomorrow.

Life is a combination of wants and desires

Never forget that it will create fire.

Life is a vessel of blessings

Spend it doing good things.

Life is gift given by God

Never cheat and fool others.

— Apsara Katwal, Class IX, Deepika English School


I spied a bird on a tree

Singing and chirping

With a white neck, and body green

I wonder what bird I have seen.

The bird was singing a song

By stretching its neck so long

Moving its head to and fro

Now I wonder if I were so.

The bird at once flew into the sky

Leaving a sweet song to die

I felt at once so sad

Thinking the bird has made me mad.

— Nikita Thapa, VS GEMS

October bliss

In the month of October

When the days are shorter.

Dashain! It’s a time so good

As every one will be in fine mood.

I become happier

Because I can reach my dear.

So, Dashain! Can’t you come earlier I’d like if it were for the whole year.

— Dechhen Tamang, Class IV, Vidhya Sagar Secondary Boarding School

Enjoying Dashain

Dashain is our greatest festival

Celebrated for 15 days

All family members get together

We fly kites and play on the swing

We wear new clothes and eat delicious food

People receive tika from their elders

We go to relatives’ homes

Our father gives us new clothes.

— Ayush Ranjit, Class II, Emerald Academy

Fat cat

Here is a cat

Sleeping on a mat

Wearing a hat

Waiting for a rat.

He always eat rat

So he is very fat

He comes to my house

To eat mouse.

— Raghab Chitrakar, Class I, Vinayak Sudha GEM School


A man without friends

Is a bird without wings

Friendship is a relationship

In which two hearts swing.

There is no secret in


As it is based on frankness

With friends, life is beautiful

And without friends,

it is a mess.

A true friend is not

a shadow

That follows you only in sunshine

Remember prosperity makes friends

Adversity tries them.

A friend to console us

in depression

And to share our delight

in happiness

Friends are won

As winning friends

Is an art that you

need to learn.

Friends have mutual

respect for each other

Arguments destroy


One needs to avoid them

to some extent

As, once a friend, always a friend is meant.

— Nikita Tripathi, Class VIII, St Mary’s H School

Maths, my pain

I want to cry when I am doing simplification

I become mad when I sit down to add

I am crazy with the

heavy load

Trying to master the

unitary method

I would rather work in

a factory

Than to do trigonometry

I’d rather join athletics

Than to do statistics

I’d rather sit in a tiger’s cage

Than to do the sum

of average

— Anisha Thapa, Class XII, New Summit College

Boy on the streets

Walking down the street

I met a friend

Who has no clothes to wear

No food to eat, and no place to live.

When I stood in front of him

He begged for some money

But I didn’t have any

So he went and asked


I felt guilty that I couldn’t help

I wanted to give but my pocket was empty

If I were God

I’d not let him sleep

on the road.

I’d have taken them my home and loved them

But I am like that street boy

Difference is that I have

My family and friends.

— Prabin Maharjan,

Class X, Gyan Shikha B School