Man is the one

Who should be educated

And education is the thing

Which should be adopted.

The more you spend

The more you receive

Education is the something

That you need.

Education is that

Which enlightens

Our mind and broadens

Our outlook.

Education is an imperishable wealth

Which can’t be stolen

It is a boon to the country

That makes men to work permanently.

Men should not

Only try to receive

But also should

Be able to give.

Men should know

The importance of education

And try to spend lots of time

To receive it more.

— Binita Rajbanshi, Class IX, Mahendra Bhawan HSB School, Kathmandu

Millennium boy:

Yesterday I met a 20-inch boy

He looked like a tiny, tiny toy

His shiny eyes looked like marbles

He had a pointed nose, unique pose.

He came with his parents

To appear before the audience

He weighs less than nine pounds

But his age is exactly 14

Oh have you ever seen

Such a tiny, cute teen?

He gazed at me

And I smiled at him

He shook his hand

And waved goodbye.

The elf-like boy is an extraordinary one

We can all call him number one

His name will be soon written

In the famous Guinness book

As he’s the shortest lad with good looks.

No wonder, he’s securely guarded everywhere

For he has earned name and fame everywhere

So, if I were asked to give him a name

Oh! I would proudly call him a “Loktantra Boy”.

For he is no doubt our country’s joy.

— Sarah Pradhan, Class V, Living Stone Academy, Kathmandu

Fly high:

I wonder why

The sky is so high

Where only birds can fly

And we can’t even give a try.

I wish I could touch the sky

By going higher and high

But I can only look at the sky

And the birds flying, feeling shy.

— Gaurab Khanal, Class IV, South Point School, Kathmandu


A headache that creates tension

Maths with addition and


Multiplication and subtraction

Always breed confusion.

When it comes near

We always have to fear

Pushing all enjoyment aside

Keeping books by our side.

Thank God! It comes only

thrice a year

With tears which you will have to bear

I advise you all to fulfil your

parents ambition

And keep dreaming for


— Anju Chaudhary,

Class VIII, Nightingale School, Kathmandu

Voice inside:


I stand gazing at

The deep blue sky

And the birds that

Fly over it so high

I feel the soft wind

That calls me

And also the pure raindrops

That fall on me.


I wonder

Why do the flowers bloom?

To make my heart

Grow fonder

I see the smiling bright sun

And the beaming white moon

I feel happy to see

That they are there for me.


I smile at myself

To see

The hapiness

All around me

The joy, the fun

All in life’s long run.


I hear

A voice so dear

That makes me rejoice

A voice of love

A voice of care

A voice of friendship

A voice so close, so near.


I dream

That I am a stream

Flowing through a valley

Of happiness and sorrow

Valley of joys and woes

But I know that this dream

Can never come true

And will be a dream forever.

— Sadichchha Pokharel, Class VII, St Mary’s High School, Kathmandu