Let peace be our song:

Terrors and horrors are mushrooming our way

We feel awfully insecure today.


Today’s crying need is serenity

This is a lovely garden of the Almighty.


We don’t have the right to destroy His creation

‘Development’ is the only alternate option.


Stop the bloodshed of your brother

Inculcate some vital humane nature.


Women have become widows, and children orphans, But noone desires to give this plight even a glance.


Now, when the world desperately needs peace, Comprehend — united we stand, divided we cease.


Vow together to stride in path of improvement, Will you, please?

— Vipul Kabra, Class XII, Himalayan Int’l College, Kathmandu

Scars and beauty:

Don’t look at me

You’ll be disgusted.

Don’t talk to me

You’ll find a reason to flee.

Don’t listen to me

You’ll find a devil in me

My body is full of flaws

It is scratched with

ugly claws.

My eyes don’t twinkle

like stars

My face is full of scars


I wish you would


I’m not as ugly as you think

I believe I’m beautiful

‘Cause my heart says

I am wonderful.

The real beauty is in here

Where everything is

pure and fair

That is the only place

inside me

Which you’ve not been

able to see.

— Suyasha Sitaula, Class X, Triyog High School, Kathmandu


Games are important

Say our youngsters

Games are important

I support you teenagers.

Games are important

For recreation

Games are important

For precaution.

Games teach us

To be healthy and friendly

Games teach us

To be sincere.

We should play games

Not to waste our time

We should play games

Not to lose our mind.

— Binita Rajbanshi,

Class VIII, Mahendra Bhawan H. S. Boarding School, Kathmandu

My Pet:

A cute boy

Not a toy

Different from a sister

Fat as a minister

Sometimes looks like cucumber

But becomes a drummer beating my head

Indian red

Still he is my pretty pet

For me the best

My Brother

Hardly rests.

— Sanjeev Duwadi, Class IV, Little Angels’ school, Lalitpur

Light in the tunnel:

When the dark shadows of violence and terror

Surround the world

And the sound of heart-rending wails

Deafen our ears

A mysterious bright light comes in my vision.

When the heavy bombings

Destroy every sign

of civilisation

When violence shatters

our dreams

And bodies fall paralysed

by fear

I see the same light,

giving me hope.

I try to go towards that light

But it seems to be nowhere

This light is none other

than hope

The hope which burns the light of faith in me

In peace, harmony and brotherhood

But it is still far, far away.

— Sujeena Shakya, Class XI, Himalayan White House college

You and I:

When I look at the

twinkling stars

I see only you

I always wish you could

be there

To hold my hand and say,

“I am here”.

Don’t ever try fly too high

‘Cause it will be difficult

to say goodbye

To me you were always

so rude

But I was never bad,

only good.

The pain hurts

When will you ever


I never wanted to lose you

But I always wanted to

love you.

— Dolkar Lhamo, Class IX, Srongtsen High School, Kathmandu

Sing with me:


Me Sanskriti

Very pretty

Kathmandu city

I play PT

Love Kitty

And Muni.

— Sankriti Duwadi, Zenith School, Kathmandu

A great newspaper:

THT, the great newspaper

Is as valuable as a

diamond ring

It is one of daily

From which we get

much information.

Out of our nation’s many newspapers

THT publishes messages

for free

It has moved so ahead

That’s why it is called ‘great’.

A separate section

for children

That’s a chance golden

for them to shine

Many international

and national news

While earlier we were

in the dark.

THT publishes the best news first

And all of us like THT

very much.

— Urusa Syed Geelani, Class VIII, Pragya School, Kathmandu

Mama, I love you:

Mother, a simple

six-letter word

But it covers the vastness

of the universe

An embodiment of patience

Forbearance and love

Your heart is as pure

as a white dove.


My life started from

within you

The first nine months

of my life

I was a part of you

Your womb the safest place

For me in the world.

 I’m a part of you

Socially in my behaviour

Naturally in my genes

Emotionally in my psyche

And my soul.


You spent sleepless night just for me

Nursing me, working as hard as a bee

You lived your life

For my crazy needs

For me you’re greater

than God.

With only you I can share my every feeling

You’re the pride of my being

Oh! Mother you’ve done

so much

Nevertheless you’re always cheerful and fresh.


Thank you Mother

Thanks a lot

— Sapana Ranjit, Class IX, Vidhya Sagar School, Banepa


Best friend of mine

When I am in sorrow

Gives me relief

And tells me I am all grown up.

This is a surprising world

And sometimes without a reason

Makes us very sad.

When I am in sorrow

And also in fear

The one who understands my feelings

Are my tears.

— Avritti Bhattarai, Class VI, Galaxy Public School, Lalitpur