The man who is Dad:

My dad is a wonderful person

Jovial, friendly and always content

He is hard working, patient, meek and generous

Always smiling with great joy

He guides me to walk the right path

Tells me the fruit of good work.

Dad, you are really great

With a special and kind heart

Honesty, simple living and high thinking

Is what I have to learn from you

Thanks a billion for being my Dad

The kindest and fondest person of a lad.

Sarah Pradhan, Class IV, KVS, Campion Associate, Kathmandu

Going toons:

Cartoons are my favourite

Which I never miss

Mother says no

But I say yes.

Cartoons shouldn’t be watched

That much by us

So I watch cartoons

Less than the past.

Cartoons has also got

An education part

So I put cartoons

Always in my heart.

Saman Kapali, Class VII, Saipal Academy, Kathmandu


A rich and happy life

With everything plus wealth

But she did not care for it

The sick, ill, and wounded

She used to nurse

Her name was Florence Nightingale

A teenager so unsure

But Florence had a call to heed

With a lamp in her hand

Talking gently with the hurt

She stopped at each patient’s bed

Gave them food and medicine right

They all called her ‘The lady with a lamp’

She brought a revolution in hospital

Since then we’ve follow

her trend

So we call her

Founder of modern

nursing system.

Niroj Gurung, Sipadol English School, Bhaktapur

Beautiful garden:

I have colourful flowers

In my garden

I sing and dance

I play with the flowers.

Everyday and every night

Every hour every minute

I wish I could play

Sing and dance with the flowers.

Janani Rai, Class VI, Babylon National School, Kathmandu