Like deep seas and ocean

So is the path of life

Sometimes filled with joy

And sometimes filled with pain

Life is sometimes bright as moon

And makes you happy and delighted

Sometimes it is dark as new moon

And makes you sad and upset

Life is full of ups and downs

Sometimes you face ups and sometimes downs.

Subodh Shakya, Class XII, CCRC


Teachers are the candles that burns

And give light to others

They give us knowledge

Making the relation of sisters and brothers

Teacher takes our test

Gives us advice and puts

Un-founded fears at rest

Life is meaningless without teacher

In each step of life

They are needed for every creature

They burn and give light to our life

Dazzle and bright

In giving the knowledge

They do their best

But they never get chance

To take a rest.

Paras Bikram Shahi, Class X, Mount Glory English Boarding School, Kathmandu


Mother you gave me birth

You are so great

That you care for us

I can’t pay back

All the things that you gave us

But I’ll try to make you happy.

I want to give some happiness to you

I’ll try to give you what you want

But I know what you want

Good behaviour and a smile in my face

And of course, good result in exam

You are precious for us

I know all mothers want to see

Their child succeed in life

Today I wish you mom

And all mothers of world

A very very cheerful mothers day!!

Akriti Manandhar, Clas V, Modern Indian School