The Quest of Identity :

Being infected by poverty,

Roaming around in fear

Being forced to embrace exploitation,

He is seeking his identity

In the world of cruelty,

In the atmosphere of immorality

He expresses his enthusiasm

Through drops of tears

He represses his dreams

Within the endless frontier

He explores his identity

But, is met with derision

His strategies are strangled.

It’s obvious that one day,

Their feelings will turn to revolt,

Their endurance grows to

Invincible power.

So, have the courage to encourage them.

Have the power to illuminate their future.

Work for them from now.

Pramila Adhikari, Class IX, AVM Higher

Secondary School, Lalitpur

I Never:

When I used to wake up in the morning

I use to listen to birds singing with

their sweet voices

Now I haven’t heard those sweet voices for long

Those birds are far away due to those

guns and bombs.

On a calm day, I used to watch the cool

river running

Bringing in fresh water as it went on its way

Now I never see that fresh water

I only see blood in place it.

In the evenings, I use to see a wonderful sunset

Taking away its light and promising to come again tomorrow

Now I never get those promises with its light

I am afraid of that dark because some place might be attacked.

Sagar Lamichhane, Class XI,

Loyola College, Kathmandu


Listen to your conscience

It’s the voice you have inside

Which is what tells you

The wrong from the right

It is the presence of God

In every human

But some seldom listen to it

And the wrong path do they take

And when it is too late

Realise it was a big mistake

So listen to your conscience

For a person with a guilty

Conscience is never safe

For years may pass by

And he will still have his conscience

Pricking inside

But a man with a clear


Has no need to fear

For at the time of The Last Judgement

He can tell the Lord loud

and clear

Though my hand may be smeared

With dirt and mud

But Lord do hear my conscience is clear

Now let us offer our petitions to God

Your response will be

God help us to listen to our conscience.

Sneha Moktan, Class XII, Nainital

Spring’s Flower:

Some flowers are red

This world is great.

Some flowers are yellow

Green leaves are below.

Some plants are blue

Which say I like you.

Some flowers are pink

About which I used to always think.

Some flowers are brown

Of which I like to make a crown.

Some flowers are white

Which are very bright.

Can you see them in your garden green

Isn’t it almost like a dream?

Saroja Gurung, Class VIII, Ekita International School, Kathmandu

Understand Me:

In your lap, I can spend all my life

Your absence, cuts me like a knife

All your deeds serve as a cheer

You cheering me on, helps maintains my pace

It hurts not to get your scolding but

The absence of your arms, when you are not holding me

My heart fragments end to end seem to say

This time you could not understand me.

Suraj Shahi, I Sc, Ascol College, Kathmandu