She was asked not to sing any film songs, but she insisted and sang the very popular Jodi dhukkur ekai saath na hunda. The audience, comprising of veteran Nepali music artistes and music lovers, clapped along as she sang the song. An evening with mesmerising singer Sangita Pradhan did manage to mesmerise the audience and surely also those listening to her live through Ujjyalo FM.

At this month’s Paleti series, the ‘r’ sala hall of nepa-laya had welcomed all music lovers to come and enjoy an evening of contemporary Nepali music with Pradhan on November 30.

Spellbinding all with her perfect performance, Pradhan shared, “I am not

very nervous to perform after such a long gap, but I am definitely very happy

to get such platform as Paleti to perform.”

She sang her very popular numbers, like Jhajahlko aucha, Kun papi le, Kina ho Hajur, and dedicated Aagana ma aja mero to Nati Kaji and Laharai bar ghumaune chautari to Aruna Lama. Listening to the classic song by Lama, one could not help remembering her, as Pradhan did bring out the same melodious feel.

All together, Pradhan performed 13 songs. However, in the end all present seemed to wish the evening were longer so that they could enjoy more of the soulful singer’s soothing compositions.