Priyanka Basnet enjoying life to the full

Himalayan News Service


Don’t be fooled into thinking that this innocent looking girl is naïve. You can’t help like Priyanaka Basnet when you meet her. Warm and soft-spoken she could melt event the hardest of hearts. But this girl knows what she wants from life. “My aim in life is simple to enjoy it to the full. I would like to always be able to look back on my past and say ‘I lead a good life’,” says Priyanka with a smile. This 5’4” Cancerian wants to enjoy every moment of life with zeal, without regrets and without making false promises. “I’m always excited about the future but at the same time the uncertainty really scares me”.

An under-graduate at Malpi International College, she enjoys spending her free time with a good book. She says she has no personal favourites. “I’m a bookworm and read everything and anything that’s available.” She also loves painting and wishes she were a better singer. “I like my voice better when I am singing alone…for myself,” she chuckles. Shopping is big with Priyanka who admits having a soft corner for perfumes. “My favourite is Tommy Girl!” she shares.

Being the youngest in the family — she has two elder sisters — she says that she is very pampered. “I don’t know how to cook. Actually I have never tried my hands on it but hopefully I will learn it soon.” She is partial to Chinese and Indian cuisines and possessive about her boyfriend. “We spend a lot of time together but I am possessive about him. What is mine is mine,” she says. The Lux Beauty Star 2004 will be held on May 22. Watch this space for the countdown.