Puppychino: Delhi’s first dog cafe

NEW DELHI: Making time for human friends is easy because they all can hang around with each other in millions of cafes present in the town, but spending quality time with pets is only possible while we take them out for a walk. However, now the reality has changed as a unique initiative has been taken by two pet lovers who have opened a dog cafe named ‘Puppychino’, meant for dogs.

The cafe, which is located in Hauz Khas area of India’s capital, saw an amazing turn out on the very first day of

its existence.

“I used to feel guilty leaving my pets behind when I had to go out. So, that’s when the idea triggered that I should start something like this where I can play with other pets and get my pet along as well,” Naini Tandon, owner of Puppychino, told ANI.

Mallika Tandon, co-owner of the cafe, said, “The most difficult thing about making the existence of the cafe possible was to tackle people’s perception about animals. A lot of people judged us in the beginning.”

Elaborating on the services of the cafe, the owners said that it has a separate play area for dogs and a restaurant with two different menus, one for dogs and one for human. The cafe also has a shopping section for dogs and their owners where one can buy merchandises for their pets.