Quiz: Ring them in

Do you love to wear rings? On which finger? Or you don’t wear rings at all? Find

out what your choice of the adorned finger says about you.

Ring finger

You are sensitive, romantic, and hope fervently to find a love that’s heartwarming and everlasting.


You are fascinated by mo-dern, trendy stuff and enjoy being under the spotlight. Outgoing, fun and energetic, you are a person who enjoys life and is always ready to tackle something new.

Fore finger

You are quietly confident and very responsible. You like to lead and can appear to be quite tough on the surface, but underneath is a gentle and sensitive character that enjoys the finer things of life.

Middle finger

Most people who wear a ring on their middle finger refuse to grow up and tend to be self-centered and stubborn. However, they’re always sincere and caring, especially towards their family and friends.

Little finger

You tend to be gentle and modest. You pay attention to details and don’t like making even minor mistakes in your work. People who wear a ring on their little finger are also often workaholics.

Many fingers

People who wear a total of four rings or more lack self-confidence and are always on the look out for true love. They love luxuries, but find them a poor substitute for friends and a lover.

Do not wear rings

Wearing no rings at all suggests that you want to live a simple, no-frills life. You are sincere, trustworthy, peaceful, clever, hard-working and always want to learn new things. You tend to

shy away from crowds and avoid conflict whenever

you can.