Rad’s sizzler(ing) nites


When out for lunch or dinner, if you have ordered a sizzler, you know what kind of attention you receive from all with the sizzling sound and wafting aroma that accompanies the dish. Most probably the sizzler is one of the most popular dishes among the Nepalis who love Continental cuisine and to some extent, it’s even exotic for many because of its presentation.

Hotel Radisson has come up with ‘The Sizzler’s Nite’ promotion from December 12 at Splash Bar and Grill.

“We thought of promoting various vegetarian and non-vegetarian sizzlers because it will be perfect for this chilling weather and the customers can enjoy their order directly from the hot plate,” said Executive Chef Sylvester Gomes.

Various options have been presented for the foodies to choose from. You can enjoy their King Fish steak, Chicken steak, Salisbury steak (wild boar) or Tenderloin steak if you cannot have enough of non-vegetarian items. And for vegetarians there are Cottage cheese chunks and Vegetable steak prepared with various seasonal vegetables as patties. The steak served on the hot plate gives the sizzling effect when delicious sauce is poured over it.

As for the right sauce for your steak, go for the pepper sauce which is a brown sauce with crust red pepper, mushroom sauce prepared with white wine, barbecue sauce is a tomato-based tangy sauce, Italiano sauce with garlic flavour and lots of olive oil, and the Rancho sauce which is Mexican-style sauce with the sharp flavour of onion, chilli, garlic and tomato.

There is also the cream of asparagus or Consomme royale soup and assorted salad bar as starters. And along with the meal comes accompaniments you can choose from - spaghetti, grilled vegetables and jacket potato set or Risi bissi, an Italian dish made of green peas and rice, tomato clamart and chateau potato.

As for dessert dig into the German apple strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or Banana Split.

The Sizzler’s Nite is on till December 20.

Along with the sizzler promotion, Radisson has also brought commendable changes in their Olive Garden menu and are attracting their customers with the Trout promotion.

From December 5 onwards, the Olive Garden is serving fresh local rainbow trout all the way from Kakani. The grilled trout ala allmendine as the main course will be accompanied by shrimp cocktail, soup of the day, roasted assorted vegetables and risotto rice. As this season is also known for sweet fresh strawberries, you will get to enjoy their fresh strawberry tart as dessert. — HNS