Rainbows and more


She’s sitting beside a heap of rough stones, breaking them into smaller pieces with a hammer. Her eyes look simultaneously sad and angry, that seem to ask, “Why are you doing this to me? Don’t you love me?”

This and a host of other appealing photographs taken by Ashok R Shakya are on display at Gallery 32, Dent Inn. The exhibition titled ‘Glimpses of Life’ was inaugurated on January 10 by poet Manjul.

The poet had also penned some simple yet emotionally charged poems inspired by some of the photographs. One such poem is dedicated to ‘Rainbow at the hillside’: the rainbow complains of being caught on camera rather than being loved for an instant.

“Through my pictures, I wish to show that beauty and life exist…I chased them so much (in loneliness) that it became my raison d’être,” says Shakya of his photographs.

Shakya, who is a French language teacher by profession, says that in his photos he has attempted to capture the Nepali way of life by observing the everyday life of people on the streets.

The photographs capture glimpses of everyday life, which explain the various dynamics. The exhibition is on till February 9.