Rakhi not ready for marriage


Item girl Rakhi Sawant this year spent Diwali with her boyfriend Abhishek’s parents. Is wedding on the cards? The actress denied marriage rumours. “They had come to visit. Yes, our parents do want us to get married. But we don’t want to marry yet. Right now we want to concentrate on our careers. Shaadi kar ke kya karlenge? Everyone gets married. Big deal! And after marriage, love tends to die, especially in showbiz,” she said.

“With both of us working, there’s the danger that I and Abhi will get less work after marriage. We don’t have a good fortune like Ajay Devgan and Kajol or Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri. Let us both make something out of our lives. Then we’ll shout out our marriage plans from the rooftops. Abhi to main khadi bhi nahin hui hoon theek se,” she added.

Despite all the fights and arguments on the sets of Nach Baliye, the kind-hearted Rakhi seems to have forgiven her detractors on the show. She said, “Shall I tell you the truth? Now I don’t care whether Abhishek and I win or lose. We got a platform and we got our fame.”

Instead, she claims that the backbiting on the sets does not bother her any more.

“May God keep everyone happy with their behaviour. I’ve stopped paying attention to them. I don’t want my mood to be spoilt before every performance. God is on my side. But I don’t want to pressurise God for anything. He has already given me everything,” said Rakhi. — HNS