Rani gets mobbed in Delhi

MUMBAI: Most people want to be famous so that people recognise them. Ironically, when they do get there, they will try any trick to move around incognito. Rani Mukerji hoped that she could get away with some shopping in Khan Market in Delhi while shooting for Who Killed Jessica Lal, but had to retreat in a hurry when a crowd gathered around her.

One fine afternoon a few days ago, Rani decided to dress in plain, simple clothes and wore no make-up as the urge for some retail therapy struck. Khan Market is about a kilometer away from her hotel. She surprised her driver when she told him that she didn’t need the car. The next minute the driver saw her walk off briskly into the market, unescorted.

The excursion started with a bit of window-shopping. Just when she was beginning to enjoy herself, she realised that some people were staring.

Hearing her name being called out in soft tones a few minutes later, Rani looked over her shoulder and sensed that a crowd was gathering around her. Clearly, her plans for some alone time had gone awry. Sensing that the situation could get out of hand, she had to make a quick decision.

Without losing a minute, Rani called up the driver and asked him to come and take her back to the hotel. Pronto.

Rani, at least, can take comfort in the fact that even if she isn’t inundated with films, her fans haven’t forgotten her yet.